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Trifecta Dark Blend Lime

Trifecta Dark Blend Lime
The summer is here and in full swing bringing the heat with it. In my opinion, there is no better compliment to sizzling weather than a nice citrus beverage – or citrus bowl for all of us hookah lovers out there. Trifecta has given us the answer on how to beat the heat and satisfy your citrus craving with their Dark Blend Lime flavored tobacco. This shisha puts the “fresh” in refreshing with its incredibly potent and slightly sweet Lime flavor. On top of the mouthwatering lime notes you will experience with this blend, because it is a dark blend, you will also experience some toasty notes from the tobacco that help smooth out the all-encompassing citrus flavors that make up the main profile.

Trifecta always gives us long lasting and flavorful sessions and this flavor keeps true to their reputation. Being a very versatile shisha, pretty much any pack you try will work great. It couples nicely with an HMD or foil but the latter tends to be the preferred approach in regards to producing better results as far as flavor strength is concerned. It is less juicy than other lines offered by Trifecta and since it is a part of the Dark Blend line, this tobacco is from the top of the plant. It is packaged with a fine cut of its Virginia tobacco and remains unwashed to retain a higher nicotine content. It certainly packs a punch so it is recommended more for seasoned smokers but can be enjoyed by anyone so long as they stay hydrated.

This shisha is great by itself but is also a fantastic mixer for a variety of other flavors such as Mojito blends to help give the citrus notes that little something extra. This flavor will be available at SouthSmoke.com later this week in 250g plastic air tight containers.

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