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Get Your Mojito Mojo Going

Fumari - Mojito Mojo

Fumari – Mojito Mojo

Making the perfect Mojito is a labor of love. It takes craftsmanship and precision to crush the lime just enough while not pulverizing the mint leaf while adding the perfect balance of sugar as to not make it too sweet. It takes time and patience – so much time and patience in fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a bar willing to make one that is not already suspiciously “out of mint,” even if last call is hours on the horizon. The scarcity of this ever so popular drink is soul crushing for all of us mint fanatics — as well as all of us who just obsess over anything to do with James Bond. Well, now we can rest easy because for anyone who is in love with this sweet and tangy drink but is circumspect about the prospect of preparing one, Fumari hookah tobacco has done the work for you.

Introducing Mojito Mojo flavor of hookah tobacco by Fumari! The expert shisha crafters of this delicious brand have done it again. They married zesty lime with cooling mint and believe me when I say it is an everlasting love! This flavored tobacco has it all; it is a little bit citrus and a little bit sweet with just enough mint to bring a chill but not overpower the other flavor profiles that are present.

Fumari gives you the power to bring the bar experience home and avoid all those reluctant glares you get from bartenders across the globe when you utter those three dreaded syllables “mo-ji-to.” So sit back and enjoy these hot and humid days with your favorite hookah and Fumari’s Mojito Mojo.

Visit SouthSmoke.com now to pick up this hot off the press flavor along with any of the other flavors offered by Fumari. Summer just got its mojo back baby, YEAH!

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