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Khalil Mamoon Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs and Flavored Tobacco
Since its inception in 1873, Khalil Mamoon has been a staple brand in the world of hookah. They have made a name for themselves by providing handmade hookahs made right in the heart of Egypt that look like beautiful works of art and smoke like a dream to hookah lovers all over the world. Over the years, hookah enthusiasts have revered these shisha pipes because the quality and craftsmanship is in a league of its own but dominating the world of hookahs just wasn’t enough for this exquisite brand and so they went on to develop their own line of shisha.

As to be expected from such a brand as Khalil Mamoon, their flavored tobacco is packaged in a classy tin with earthy colors and adorned with golden accents. The tobacco itself is double bagged inside the tin which is great because it is super sticky from the honey. There is no dye used so the color is still the shade of natural Virginia leaf tobacco and it consists of leaves that vary in size from large to small. You may have to pluck out some stems and cut a few leaves but there isn’t really an overabundance of these types of imperfections.

Now, what can you expect from your sessions with this shisha? The potency of the scent differs from flavor to flavor depending on which one you choose as some are meant to be very subtle. One thing is always consistent though and that is cloud output. With the proper heat management this brand of shisha produces thick and massive clouds and keeps its flavor going strong throughout the session. It doesn’t provide a huge buzz but it makes up for it with unique flavors made from exotic ingredients procured from all over the world. Now, whatever your hookah needs turn out to be, Khalil Mamoon has got you covered!

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