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Khalil Mamoon Shisha – Iced Cinnamon Gum

Khalil Mamoon Iced Cinnamon Gum
As a fellow hookah enthusiast, when you hear the name Khalil Mamoon I am sure you are like me and instantly think of high quality hookah. The same thing goes for their line of shisha products. When I open a can of Khalil Mamoon flavored tobacco, I expect nothing less than the best and so far I have not been disappointed. Khalil Mamoon tobacco is made from cultivated Virginia tobacco leaves. It retains a natural color with little to no dye used in its mixtures. It has a moderate nicotine level sitting at .05% and a sticky sweet honey base at its core.
One flavor in particular keeps finding a way into my rotation and that is the Iced Cinnamon Gum. What keeps me coming back is the perfect balance they created between the flavors. There is a distinct gum flavor on the back end of every puff that keeps it true to its name but the real champion in this concoction is the cinnamon. Cinnamon is a fickle ingredient in the way that it tends to gravitate more towards the spicy realm but Khalil Mamoon found a way to keep the notes more on the sweet side and the result was nothing short of delicious. Iced Cinnamon Gum is available in both 100g and 250g sizes at SouthSmoke.com.
The flavors shifted slightly as the time passed to be a little more on the sweeter side and less minty all around but that only reinforced the gum aspect they were aiming for. The clouds ripped like a hurricane throughout the entire session and left me seriously considering packing another bowl immediately for round two. I managed to refrain by reminding myself that there were plenty more flavors to try out – almost forty to be exact and all of them are available at SouthSmoke.com. Visit our website today and try some flavors for yourself.

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