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Khalil Mamoon Shisha – Black Orange

Khalil Mamoon Blood Orange Shisha
Good news for any citrus lovers out there, Khalil Mamoon is back at it again bringing us yet another simply sensational shisha! Manufactured in Jordan, Khalil Mamoon’s Black Orange is an interesting twist on your typical orange flavored tobacco. Instead of traditional oranges, they chose to use blood oranges and threw in some blackberry to give it that little bit extra. Blood oranges are most notably famous for their red tinted flesh that harbors a slight berry flavor naturally so the blackberry finds a very comfortable home here.

Upon opening, the most prominent scent is citrus. So strong in fact that the blackberry notes are almost non-existent as far as your nose is concerned. The cut is not overwhelmingly juicy; the honey base they use saturates the shisha without drowning it in a very balanced ratio of liquid to leaf. The flavor itself tastes like summer with a strong and “in your face” blast of orange. Again, the blackberry is very feint but it doesn’t lessen the experience as the blood orange flavor is the crowning jewel of this shisha anyways. The blackberry instead is a nice subtle enhancer that doesn’t steal any focus away from the main flavor profile.

Another noteworthy aspect of Khalil Mamoon shisha is the versatility it has when it comes to heat management as it works well with almost any set up. Blood oranges originated in Sicily and Spain but you don’t have to load up a Gondola just to get your hands on this mouthwatering flavor, just visit SouthSmoke.com to pick up a 100g, 250g, or 1kg container. Not a citrus fan? Don’t worry, SouthSmoke.com carries up to 40 different flavors of Khalil Mamoon Tobacco. Whatever you fancy, Khalil Mamoon has something for every taste bud and every one will leave you wanting more!

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