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Haze Limited Edition Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin’

Haze Cheech and Chong Still Smokin' Shisha
Dave’s not here man – but Haze is and it’s Still Smokin’! Haze has been a huge part of the hookah community since it began gaining popularity in the United States. They have some knock your socks off flavors that keep you coming back for more. On top of a huge and unique selection, Haze tobacco is a blonde leaf that can take a whole lot of heat and keep truckin’. Another awesome thing about Haze is their partnership with pop culture icons like Jazze Pha and Cheech and Chong. Their Cheech and Chong line specifically revolves around the comedic shenanigans of the dynamic duo’s most famous movies.

Haze Cheech and Chong Tobacco Still Smokin’ will jettison you back to the early 1980’s even if you have misplaced the keys to your DeLorean. The art on the tin is reminiscent of what the old movies looked like so the nostalgia factor is spot on. As for the tobacco, it smells very fruity and slightly sweet and translates well into the smoke once you pack it up. It’s a mixture of red berries with cherry being the front runner and it has subtle notes of sweet pineapple on the aftertaste; giving this traditional berry blend a new and interesting tropical twist.

Haze is fairly juicy and has a medium choppy cut that is undyed and natural in color. It is pretty versatile and performs well in all types of bowls from an egy to a vortex to a phunnel. As mentioned earlier, Haze can take some heat and works best when packed at a semi-dense level right up to the rim and kick up your heat up one notch from what you usually do. There are a few different special edition Cheech and Chong flavors so feel free to experiment and use Haze’s unique “Stack and Haze” tins to keep them all together. Whatever Haze you crave, it’s available at SouthSmoke.com in 100g and 250g tins.

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