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I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Muffin Hill

I found My Thrill on Blueberry Muffin Hill

July is here and fireworks are in the air! But it isn’t just Independence Day that has a place for celebration during this hot summer month. July is also – drum roll please – National blueberry month in America with the eleventh being blueberry muffin day specifically. To pay homage to this wonderful fruit that is at the heart of America’s favorite muffin we packed our hookah with Fumari’s Blueberry muffin shisha and reveled in that smoky dessert.

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It is no secret that Fumari has some mouthwatering shisha flavors and when it comes to their blueberry muffin they hit the nail right on the head. As soon as you open their signature pouch there is no contesting it. They don’t even have to put the name on it for you to know what it is; it smells exactly as it should. You smell the blueberries right off the bat and they are backed up by a sort of vanilla batter scent bringing up the end notes. The cut is the typical medium cut we know them for and is plenty juicy!

As far as the taste goes, it tastes exactly how it smells – like a blueberry muffin. It is absolutely delicious though a little on the sweet side so if you are looking for a flavor that is geared more towards the fruit and not the dessert this isn’t for you. That being said, they succeeded where many other have failed by producing a blueberry dessert flavor that doesn’t taste candied in any way but also doesn’t harbor any of the residual sourness the natural fruit can contain. And of course, if blueberry isn’t your jam, there are a wide variety of delicious hookah tobacco flavors to choose from at SouthSmoke.com. Shop all Flavored Hookah Tobacco here, and while you’re at it, browse SouthSmoke’s collection of quality hookahs and accessories.

The clouds are as massive as to be expected from Fumari and the session will always end too soon with this little delicacy in your bowl. Blueberry Muffin is available in 100g and 1kg sizes – this flavor is just one more example of how Fumari is always “strikingly fresh” and absolutely delicious!

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