We are the leader in providing high quality hookahs for your smoking pleasure.

Doing the Dirty Work

Working with your charcoal can be a real messy part of smoking hookah.

New Hookah Trays

The charcoal tray has always been a part of the hookah that was overlooked in the style department. Up until this point it has been considered more utilitarian than anything else.

Sprocket Hookah Tray

Sprocket Hookah Tray available from South Smoke

Vapor Hookahs is changing the way you look at hookah trays with their newly released Onyx and Sprocket Hookah Trays. These two trays have amazing designs that will enhance any hookah. Their universal design makes them a perfect addition to most hookahs from a larger Chinese model to a Khalil Mamoon.

New Onyx Hookah Tray

Onyx Hookah Tray available from South Smoke

There is no reason you can’t have a hookah tray that does what it was intended for and look good while doing it! The Onyx and Sprocket hookah trays are around 9.5 inches in diameter with a center hole opening of around 1.75 inches so they are plenty big enough to catch mountains of ash.

New Hookah Tongs

When you are ready to upgrade your hookah tray why not upgrade your tongs, too. The new Large Chinese Hookah Tongs available at SouthSmoke.com are 8.5 inches of finger saving awesomeness. Pulling your coals off the burner or adjusting them on your bowl with regular sized tongs can literally be a pain.

Long Chinese Hookah Tongs
Grabbing coals with regular sized tongs might keep you from actually touching the hot coals but it still sure feels like your touching them. The heat from the hookah coals is insane!

With longer tongs you can keep those digits back and move coals with ease. No more dreading those coals boys and girls! Hey, these things are big enough to double as grill tongs if you happen to be grilling at the same time!

There are so many new products, head over to SouthSmoke.com now and start adding to your Holiday wishlist.

Remember Your Holiday Ordering Deadlines To Enjoy Hookah This Holiday Season!

Holiday Ordering Deadlines for Hookah Shopping

Holiday Ordering Deadlines

The 2016 Holiday Shopping Season is right around the corner! Can you believe it? Time flies when you’re smoking Hookah and shopping at SouthSmoke.com! We know you want to be well prepared for the holiday season and make sure that your hookah gifts arrive on time. That’s why SouthSmoke.com has provided a holiday delivery schedule with all deadlines for receiving Hookah supplies by Christmas, December 25, 2016 and New Years Eve, December 31, 2016.

Enjoy smoking some Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill while sitting by the fire place smoking your brand new Vapor B-52 Glass Hookah instead of rushing to place last minute orders for your friends, family, and especially yourself! With so many options to choose from, SouthSmoke.com is your official Holiday Hookah Headquarters.

SouthSmoke.com Holiday Delivery Deadlines

If you want to be sure to receive your shipment by December 25, 2016 you’ll need to observe the deadlines below when placing your order.

Shipping Method Ordering Deadline

  • APO, FPO, International Noon (EST) on Dec. 9
  • UPS Ground Service Noon (EST) on Dec. 16
  • UPS Three-Day Express Noon (EST) on Dec. 20
  • UPS Two-Day Air Noon (EST) on Dec. 21
  • UPS Overnight Express Noon (EST) on Dec. 22

To receive a quote for any UPS Express shipping options for guaranteed delivery by December 25, 2016, please contact the SouthSmoke.com Customer Service Center Toll Free at 888.57.SMOKE (888.577.6653).

SouthSmoke.com New Years Delivery Deadlines

If you want to be sure to receive your shipment by December 31, 2016 you’ll need to observe the deadlines below when placing your order.

Shipping Method Ordering Deadline

  • APO, FPO, International Noon (EST) on Dec. 16
  • UPS Ground Service Noon (EST) on Dec. 22
  • UPS Three-Day Express Noon (EST) on Dec. 27
  • UPS Two-Day Air Noon (EST) on Dec. 28
  • UPS Overnight Express Noon (EST) on Dec. 29

To receive a quote for any UPS Express shipping options for guaranteed delivery by December 31, 2016, please contact the SouthSmoke.com Customer Service Center Toll Free at 888.57.SMOKE (888.577.6653).

In observance of Christmas and New Years Holidays, the SouthSmoke.com Customer Service Center will be closed on December 24, 2016 and December 31, 2016. SouthSmoke.com will also be closed on Christmas and New Years Day. All orders placed after the Christmas and New Years Delivery Deadlines listed above will be fulfilled on the next business day and subject to the standard SouthSmoke.com Processing Guidelines.

• SouthSmoke.com is not responsible for orders delayed due to extreme weather conditions, labor strikes, unrest or carrier failure.
• These deadlines apply only to in-stock merchandise.

Remember Your Holiday Ordering Deadlines To Enjoy Hookah This Holiday Season!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Good Hookah Tongs!

Al Fakher hookah tongs large

Al-Fakher Hookah Tongs

Al-Fakher has just released two new hookah tongs that set a new standard for quality. This probably has you just as curious as we were until we laid our hands on them. Just picture a really nice steak knife, wooden handles and shiny new metal. You almost want to just display them in the beautiful box they come in and never use them, they are that nice. Who else has put elegant wooden handles on hookah tongs? Nobody, it takes a leader in the industry and Al-Fakher has proved once again that’s exactly what they are.

Al Fakher hookah tongs large

Small and Large Hookah Tongs

Now available at SouthSmoke.com, we have the Small Al-Fakher Hookah Tongs and Large Al-Fakher Hookah Tongs. The small tongs measure in at 8 inches and the large tongs are approximately 13 inches. We are talking about tongs that could double as bbq tongs to flip your burgers when grilling. If you are looking to up your game as far as tongs go, these are the answer. No more heat transfer or burning your fingers with the wooden handles! Both sizes come in a great gift box as well so if you are thinking about Christmas presents for your hookah smoking buddies, look no further.

Wooden Handles on Hookah Tongs

If Al-Fakher wooden handled tongs are not what you are looking for, no worries, SouthSmoke.com still has you covered. We offer many different styles and lengths of tongs to suit all hookah smoker’s needs. Check out the new Large Chinese Hookah Tongs that measure in at 8.5 inches or the Premium Hookah Tongs that boast a bit of flare!

Black Friday Sale! Take 25% Off All In Stock Hookah Supplies!

Hookah Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Hookah Sale

Wow, our Pre-Black Friday Sale at SouthSmoke.com was a major success! We have tons of Hookah supplies going out the door to our valued clients worldwide and want to thank each and every one of you for participating in this annual Pre-Black Friday tradition!

With 25% off all merchandise at SouthSmoke.com, we truly stand by our commitment to offer the largest selection of Hookah supplies at the lowest prices available worldwide. Well, if you think we’re done offering discounts, then you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s because we’re counting down the days until our Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza!

If you missed out on the Pre-Black Friday special, don’t worry as you’ve got one final opportunity this year to stock up and save on your favorite hookah and shisha supplies!

SouthSmoke.com has been in business for over 14 years and offers the largest Black Friday weekend event in the entire Hookah industry. Nobody comes close! We love slashing prices so when you’re done stuffing your face with turkey and goodies this Thanksgiving Holiday, remember to visit SouthSmoke.com on the true Black Friday and take 25% off all in stock hookah merchandise at SouthSmoke.com!

All Hookahs, Accessories and Shisha on Sale

That’s right, Al-Fakher, Starbuzz, Fantasia, Haze, Trifecta, and every other Shisha brand is on sale at 25% off! Not to mention, CocoNara, CocoBuzz, Haze Coconut Coals, Three Kings, and every hookah charcoal brand is on sale at 25% off our already low prices! Every Khalil Mamoon Hookah is on sale at 25% off and absolutely every one of our 3500 plus items are on sale at 25% off! Need we say more?

If you miss out on the Black Friday sale on November 25, 2016, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with 20% off all in stock hookah supplies at SouthSmoke.com between Saturday, November 26, 2016, and Monday, November 28, 2016.

The SouthSmoke.com Black Friday Weekend Special requires no coupon codes and runs on Eastern Time. Please visit https://www.southsmoke.com/blackfriday.cfm to view all the specifics about the SouthSmoke.com Black Friday Weekend Sale and make sure to take advantage of this once a year opportunity before it’s too late!

Thank you for your continued support over the years and SouthSmoke.com wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Amazing New Hookah Hoses From Vapor Hookahs

New Hookah Hoses

New Hookah Hoses From Vapor Hookahs

Vapor Hookahs has just released two new hookah hoses that will step your game up to the next level. Hoses are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your hookah experience whether you are a novice or a veteran smoker. Believe it or not, some of the best hookah hoses are the cheapest.

Vapor LED Silicone Hookah Hose

Vapor Hookah Hose LED Silicon Hose

If you are planning on hosting a party with hookahs or just have a flashy personality, we have the hose for you. The Vapor LED Silicone Hookah Hose is a traditional silicone hose with a bright twist. LED lights run inside the entire length of the hose and bring this baby to life. Lower the lights and let this hose start the party. The multicolored LED lights in this silicone hose put disco balls to shame!

The draw on this hose is great as to be expected with a silicone hose and runs on watch batteries. There is no doubt your hookah will be the center of attention when it has this hose as it’s sidekick!

Maybe flashy lights and being the center of attention is not your thing. That’s cool, we understand, you are more about the experience and achieving that ultimate session of perfection. Vapor Hookahs has just released a new hose for you too!

Vapor Magic Hose Disposable Hookah Hose

Expandable Hookah Hose

The Magic Hose is a disposable hookah hose that is durable enough for everyday use. This wide body plastic hose can be washed and reused over and over or even cheap enough to use for a party and tossed after. The Magic Hose is available in 6 amazing colors.

At this point you are asking yourself, what is so magical about a disposable hose that can be reused? Well, this hose expands and contracts to meet your specific needs for each session. The Magic Hose contracts to 24 inches and expands to 75 inches, that is over 6 feet of hose! You can expand or contract the hose to any length in between to make your session that much more perfect. Finally, a 6 foot plus hose that can contract enough to slide in your back pocket and take to the lounge.

It’s Magic and it’s only at SouthSmoke.com.

Festive Fall Flavors for Hookah Lovers

The Flavors Of Fall Shisha hookah tobacco with pumplins

Fall Inspired Shisha Flavors

There is no denying that fall is here. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and everything known to man is coming out in pumpkin flavor. Maybe you are someone that loves everything you eat and drink to be pumpkin flavored, and maybe you smoke hookah too which is why you are reading this. Well, you just found what is going to be your most favorite blog of all time. Better bookmark this thing because we are about to drop the biggest pumpkin and fall shisha flavor guide of all time!

Fall Shisha Flavor Guide

These hookah tobacco flavors will be enjoyed best in front of a warm fire place or outside taking in the crisp fall air. Here at SouthSmoke.com we know you guys love your Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie, available in 100g and 250g cans.

Another super popular pumpkin flavored shisha is Fantasia’s Pumpkin Spice in 50g packs and 200g jars. Another one that is popular all year long is Al-Amir’s Pumpkin Pie. Here at SouthSmoke.com we carry this in 50g packs and 250g jars.

pumpkin spice shisha hookah tobacco

How about Fumari’s Spiced Chai, available in 100g pouches and kilo bricks.

This mixes well with pumpkin flavors, like Haze’s Pumpkin Pleasure. Pick up a 50g, 100g, or 250g can and you won’t be disappointed.

Then, there’s Trifecta’s Apple Pie in 250g jars. Let that dark leaf shisha get you in the fall spirit and take you to your happy place!

If you are into Tangiers, check out Indian Summer. This pairs well with a warm campfire hanging with friends.

Or maybe you enjoy Nakhla, we won’t leave you hanging. Pick up some Earl Grey and curl up on the couch.

Last but not least, our Al-Fakher fans. While Al-Fakher doesn’t mess with that pumpkin spice stuff, pick up some Cinnamon and mix with your favorite apple shisha to get that perfect apple cider flavor.

Pre-Black Friday Sale!

We like challenges at SouthSmoke.com so here is our challenge to you, try them all before the snow starts to fly! We know what you are thinking but don’t worry we will help. Our Pre-Black Friday Sale is November 18th! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on all these fall flavors without having to sacrifice groceries or deodorant!

We want you to eat, smell good, and enjoy your hookah. Happy Fall!

Pre-Black Friday Sale! Hookahs, Shisha and more

Hookah Sale Pre Black Friday 2016

Pre-Black Friday Hookah Sale

Black Friday has become somewhat of a phenomena here in the United States. One random day was decided by someone somewhere to give the craziest deals of the year. Amazingly enough, many people’s alter ego comes out and they go crazy trying to get all the hottest stuff. Well, here at SouthSmoke.com we love this idea because we can hide from all the crazies being an online store!

We love slashing prices so much that we are even doing a Pre-Black Friday Sale! That’s right, you don’t need to read that again, we are doing TWO Black Fridays! Top that… Who else in the hookah industry is doing this? No one yet.

We want to make sure our loyal customers are able to get what you need or what you have had in your wish list without giving up your other shopping.

The SouthSmoke.com Pre-Black Friday Sale is a one day, 24 hour, sale on November 18th. We are talking about a 25% discount on your entire order just for ordering on Friday Nov. 18th! We have made the process as simple as possible as well, no promo code or special instructions. Just place an order and your shopping cart will reflect the discount.

Some things to note, this sale will run on Eastern Time. Don’t wait until the last minute if you are on the west coast, you will miss out. Also, any payment issues or address issues that hold up your order from processing can result in you losing the sale discount, so make sure you know your address!

Now remember the more you get, the more you save! So stock up on your favorite shisha or get that flavor you have been curious about but didn’t want to spend the full amount. Like all those Tangiers and Trifecta flavors that you have been trying to prioritize trying. Get that Khalil Mamoon hookah you have been eyeing up or that Vapor Glass Hookah to complete your collection. Here is an idea that many overlook, stock up on your favorite hookah coals, boxes and boxes or get a case! These also make great stocking stuffers for your hookah loving friends.

Now is the time, and if it’s not, don’t worry just wait for the Black Friday Sale for more awesome deals at SouthSmoke.com.

Haze What? Haze Pacoca!

Haze Pacoca Shisha peanut flavor

Pacoca Flavor Shisha from Haze

Haze Tobacco is back at it again with a brand new flavor that is new to the Shisha marketplace, Pacoca. If you’re not sure how to pronouce this flavor, just say PA-SOKA. If you’ve never heard of Pacoca, you’re not alone. This is a flavor made specifically for the Brazilian market by popular demand in the South America Hookah world.

What is Pacoca?

Pacoca is a Brazilian candy that is made out of sugar, salt, and of course ground peanuts. This is a very unique earthly flavor that offers a nice creamy texture of peanuts. The flavor is not too sweet and is on point with smokers looking for a nice unique flavor that is not sweet, tart, or sour.

Haze Tobacco

If you’re looking for honey roasted peanuts, maybe Haze will come up with this flavor in the future but Haze Pacoca’s are just regular ground peanuts. Now smoking peanuts may not be the first thought on your mind or even on your top flavor list but we guarantee you that this shisha flavor is definitely worth a try.

Today, we’re using-

When packing Haze Pacoca, use a nice fluff pack and don’t be afraid to pack your bowl above the rim as Haze always recommends the over pack method with their shisha brand.

Pacoca Haze Tobacco Taste Review

If you’re all about trying new flavors then this is the one flavor to check out. While smoking this flavor, one may think or compare it to almond milk but with a much more nutty taste. This flavor is not overpowering but just a nice decent flavor that you may enjoy with a nice hot beverage. You’ll notice that the flavor will become more potent after about 15 minutes of smoking.

This fall while you’re enjoying watching the leaves fall, pick up a can of Haze Pacoca at SouthSmoke.com, available in the 50g, 100g, or 250g tin can.

The Haze Tobacco Lemonade Stand!

Haze Tobacco Lemon Citrus Flavors

Haze Tobacco Lemonade Flavors

Haze Tobacco has completed it’s lemonade stand with the introduction of Haze Mint Lemonade to the Hookah marketplace.

Haze already offers 5 Cents a Cup which is a great cool and refreshing Pink Lemonade flavor but for those Mint lovers out there, Haze hit this one out of the park with their Mint Lemonade flavor version. Haze knows Mint flavors all to well with What a Mint and Ultimint and they also made a great 5 Cent a Cup Lemonade flavor so it was natural for them to take the best of both worlds and introduce their version of the Mint Lemonade to the marketplace. This is a unique flavor that is quite strong in a sense, with the Mint really overpowering the Lemon flavor.

Haze Tobacco Flavored Shisha

What’s really nice about some of the Haze mixes is that the flavor will mature throughout the Hookah smoking session so that the Mint will tone itself down as the smoking session carries on, allowing for the Lemon to become the predominant flavor. You’ll tend to notice this transition about 15 to 20 minutes into the smoking session which is quite enjoyable.

If you’ve ever had a frozen Mint Lemonade smoothie at your favorite Hookah lounge or smoothie bar, this is exactly the flavor that the experts at Haze Tobacco were going for. A nice cool refreshing Mint Lemonade smoothie which just the right amount of Mint and Lemons. This flavor is a nice tart flavor but it definitely not too sour.

Next time you’re looking to stock up on your Haze flavors, make sure to pair them with our Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large Premium Clay Egyptian Bowls. They are Haze brand approved for the perfect smoking experience.

As it cools down this fall and you want to feel a sense of tropical goodness in your life, pick up a can of Haze Mint Lemonade at SouthSmoke.com, available in the 50g, 100g, or 250g tin can. Enjoy!

On Your Mark, Get Set, and Smoke! With Fantasia’s Formula Series!

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Formula Series Flavors

Product Spotlight – Fantasia Tobacco Formula Series

Fantasia Tobacco is back at it again with the introduction of the Fantasia Formula Series available in eight unique and exotic flavors: F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, and F8. With new regulations throughout the world, it is quite possible that flavor names may be replaced with numbers or codes such as what Fantasia has done here…we will just have to wait and see.

Fantasia describes their formula series as follows: The Fantasia Formula Series redefines quality in the industry. A special barrel aged golden blonde leaf, fine cut, with premium flavors, guarantees an experience far superior to its competitors. The signature carbon fiber accents, immediately distinguish the Fantasia Formula Series from other Shisha products in the market, to help you quickly identify this premium brand.

Fantasia Formula Series Tobacco is ideal for hookah smokers looking to experience a strong and flavorful smoke while enjoying flavors only offered in the US market.

Let’s quickly review the type of flavor blend that represents each of the eight formula series flavors:

  • F1 – Blueberry Mix
  • F2 – Orange Cherry
  • F3 – Strawberry Bubble Gum
  • F4 – Spearmint
  • F5 – Pineapple Blend
  • F6 – Honeydew Melon Bubble Gum
  • F7 – Sweet Creamy Peppermint
  • F8 – Pina Colada Mix

Now don’t those formula flavors sound amazing! Right now, Fantasia has only produced the Formula Series in the 250g size and each flavor comes with some mouthpieces and a mini box of Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal.

Fantasia Formula Series is available online at SouthSmoke.com for your smoking pleasure. Next time you’re in the mood to watch your favorite races on TV, pack a bowl of the Fantasia Formula Series and smoke your way to the finish line!