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Fumari Shisha: Prickly Pear

fumari flavored tobacco prickly pear shisha

Fumari Flavored Tobacco: Prickly Pear

Fall is here and to celebrate the complete awesomeness that is the month of Halloween we decided to shine the light on a unique little fruit that looks like a pear in a porcupine costume. If that wasn’t deception enough, it is referred to as a cactus fruit but has the nutritional composition of a vegetable. Enter the prickly pear. This baby fruit of a budding cactus flower has a taste similar to that of a kiwi and pear mixed together and the flavor transcribes perfectly into this sweet and savory shisha. Fumari Prickly Pear is absolutely delicious and a must try for those of us who already love their Ambrosia blend.

Fumari Shisha


Fumari is a medium cut tobacco with little no stems. It is very juicy and a natural golden brown in color. The smell of Prickly Pear is pretty sweet with the kiwi notes being the strongest to pick out. Once you load up your favorite phunnel bowl and add some coals, the whole room is filled with a subtle fruity scent. The taste of it is right on par with the actual fruit and stays consistent to the smell with kiwi being the most notable profile with additional fruity pear notes on the back end. It is sweet and smooth and so so yummy.

Prickly pears can be found in sunny, desert like climates so it hasn’t always been accessible to everyone but now anyone can get their hands on this sweet little treat by visiting SouthSmoke.com. As usual, Fumari comes packaged in their signature resealable pouches for easy storage and lasting freshness. If you want to test it out, pick it up in the 100 gram pouch. If you already know how delicious it is, then scoop it up in the 1000 gram pouch. Go big or go home, am I right!

Fumari Spiced Chai

spiced chai fumari flavored tobacco


Fumari Hookah Tobacco: Spiced Chai

Summer is on the horizon, and with that cool breeze comes all those delicious Fall flavored treats. Fumari is one of the best in the business when it comes to serving up sweet and succulent shisha blends and one of our seasonal favorites here at South Smoke is their Spiced Chai. Spiced Chai has been a beloved beverage for centuries and finds its most prominent following in places like India but its influence is quickly spreading due to the overall likability of the blended flavors. This is a flavored tobacco that is sure to warm up those chilly nights with layers upon layers of spicy notes all hugging that smooth vanilla base.

Fumari remains consistent with its medium cut and juicy foundation. As always, it is a natural golden brown in color and requires little to no stem management. Believe me when I tell you, opening this pouch is like being punched in the face with holiday spirit. It smells like a perfect balance of sugar, spice, and everything nice and it translates to the taste just perfectly. You get a strong creamy vanilla wrapped around notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg and the outcome is absolutely mouthwatering.

Fumari should always be fluff packed up to the rim and while it works great with foil, it really shines when using whatever your preference is for a Heat Management Device. You can expect this flavor to last two rounds of coals easily in a 20-25 gram bowl and the flavor stays strong and prominent for at least ninety minutes. Three coals heat this mix up perfectly and gives you the dragon clouds we all find ourselves chasing. Fumari’s Spiced Chai is the perfect way to ring in the new season and you can pick it up in 100g and 1000g pouches at SouthSmoke.com.

Ugly Blue Magic

Ugly Hookah Blue Magic Flavored Tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco

Ugly flavored tobacco rarely disappoints and consistency provides flavorful sessions with dense clouds that are heavy hitting in the buzz department. Packing Ugly is pretty straight forward; a basic normal pack is usually the way to go but I have also found that when mixing it with other brands that pack differently, I was able to fluff it a tad more or make it slightly denser to cater to the other brands as this one is slightly more versatile. As for heat, I have never felt the need to go higher than three cubes on most brands and Ugly is no different but as it is not overly heat sensitive I can start out with three instead of working my up from two and not have to worry about overexposing the tobacco to too much heat from the start.

Blue Magic Shisha


Blue Magic is a slightly cryptic flavor as the name doesn’t reveal much of anything about the actual flavor profile. There is a definite blueberry focus but it isn’t a pure, natural berry like you will find in the Sergeant Huckleberry flavor but rather a candied and very sweet berry that is borderline sugary. More than anything I was reminded of a blue pixie stick which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since a ton of people know and enjoy that particular candy. Ugly describes it as having a slight mint factor but I found it to be far too feint to take notice of. Though, it is probably safe to assume that it would pair well if you add in a little something to boost the mint profile.

Whether you want a natural approach and go for the Sergeant Huckleberry or a sweeter version of this yummy fruit like with Blue Magic, you can scoop them both up and more at SouthSmoke.com in 100g and 250g containers. Come and see how Ugly never tasted so good!

Ugly Marcoje Flavored Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco Marcoje Flavored Shisha

Ugly Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco is a brand that is known for its massive dragon clouds and it’s “in your face” flavors. With a nicotine content of .79%, it packs a heck of a punch to go along with that buzz. Ugly is manufactured in the United States in Illinois and uses Virginia FC tobacco with a honey base. It is a blonde leaf that is a natural golden brown in color since it uses no dyes, beach, or color enhancers. Ugly Tobacco tends to be fairly juicy to ensure a strong and consistent flavor is provided each and every time and there is a little stem and leaf management that tends to be necessary but nothing too extreme.

Premium Flavored Tobacco: Marcoje


Marcoje is wonderful flavor that consists of various mixed fruits with the first and foremost contender being Guava. The attraction of this particular fruit melody is that the mixed fruits don’t over-complicate the simplicity of the natural guava. You can distinctly identify the guava but you can also pick out the mixed fruits in an almost separate flavor profile since each is very distinct from the other. They work together seamlessly as if it were two separate shisha flavors that were mixed together and not simply a flavor all on its own. Because of this, this flavor from Ugly can be mixed with a multitude of different flavors to produce a ton of innovative home mixtures.

Marcoje is just one more reason to come check out everything that Ugly has to offer. If you are a fan of the Marcoje then definitely check out the Ma Wardi flavor as it is very similar except with peach as the front runner instead of guava. Both are tropical fruit blends, both are crazy delicious, and both are available in 100g and 250g containers at SouthSmoke.com.

Al-Waha Melon Berry

Al-Waha Shisha Melon Berry

Al-Waha Premium Shisha

Melon Berry is a mouthwatering flavor by Al-Waha that has three main ingredients working to complement each other and bring out the best that each has to offer. Al-Waha shisha is manufactured in Jordan and consists of Premium French Tobacco leaves soaked in honey. Al-Waha flavored tobacco is natural in color having a golden brown hue and a consistently fine cut. It is fairly juicy but also very flavorful and supplies a solid smoking session with three or four coals depending on your heat preference.

Melon Berry: Tobacco Flavor Profile

The smell for this brand is very potent and the honeydew melon is the most distinctive scent profile with the blueberry notes coming in second. Both are backed up by an ever so slight hint of mint that is noticeable when you inhale but makes way for the melon taste on exhale. The melon in this concoction is sweet and refreshing and the overall all-star to this mixture as its distinct flavor is the last taste you are left with after each hit. The mint is present but not at all overpowering; making Melon Berry a perfect flavor for people who want a mint flavor that isn’t actually all that minty.

If you have never had the chance to taste a honeydew melon, now is your chance; this shisha is a great representation of the sweet and smooth essence of the fruit. In fact, it is known as the sweetest of all the melons. Ancient Egyptians regarded this delectable gourd as sacred and only the most elite had access to it; it was said to be a favored treat for the one and only Cleopatra. But now you don’t have to be an Egyptian queen to get your hands on it. You can pick up Melon Berry or any of the other innovative flavors by Al-Waha in 50g, 200g, or 1kg tubs at SouthSmoke.com.

Ugly Hookah Happy Hour Shisha

Ugly Hookah Happy Hour Flavored Tobacco

Ugly Hookah: Premium Shisha

Ugly Tobacco is rapidly taking the hookah world by storm by producing one great shisha flavor right after the other. One of their most recent releases is called Happy Hour and believe me when I say that this is just one more flavored tobacco that Ugly can put on the top shelf because it is unbelievably delicious! Ugly consists of Virginia FC Tobacco made in the United States in Oak Lawn, Illinois. It is packaged upon order to ensure freshness and uses no dyes, bleach, or color enhancers. Ugly tobacco is usually pretty juicy as they use a mixture of both molasses and honey in their shisha and has a higher nicotine content of .79% so remember to stay hydrated. The tobacco itself tends to need a little TLC with stem and leaf management but they have some of the absolute best flavors out there so it isn’t something that I mind having to deal with as the sessions are always super flavorful and are sure to produce dense clouds.

Ugly Happy Hour Shisha Flavor Profile

Happy Hour is a mixture of banana and mixed fruits. When you first open it, the banana is bold and in your face with the berry notes on the underside. It tastes identical to how it smells in flavor and strength being similar to banana Laffy Taffy or more specifically the banana shaped candy from the old school Runts made by Wonka – if you can even remember those. The smoke is sweet and creamy and stays strong to the end of the session. The flavor is robust but also smooth making for a very relaxing and satisfying session accompanied by those choo-choo train clouds that always accompany an Ugly Flavor. Now Happy Hour is whenever you say it is! You can pick up Happy Hour along with any of the other Ugly flavors in 100g and 250g at SouthSmoke.com.

Mya Chikita – Hookah on the Go!

Mya Saray Mya chikita Hookah

Mya Chikita: The Perfectly Portable Hookah

Do you ever find yourself traveling with your hookah to a friend’s house or on vacation? If you are like me, you end up wrapping it with enough towels to keep a small empire safe throughout the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it still doesn’t ease the anxiety of it possibly breaking. Traveling with your favorite set up is stressful – but don’t panic, Mya Saray has a solution. Introducing the Mya Chikita: The perfectly portable hookah! This miniature beauty is just what you need if you like to enjoy your hookah on the go.

Details & Mya Saray Hookah Accessories

Fully assembled, it is just under 12” tall and it breaks down to make it even easier to pack safely for travel. The stem is sturdy and solid black with a super tight grip on the vase to ensure a solid session. The vases are cone shaped frosted glass that is thick and available in various colors. Each version comes with a 74” solid matching hose that is completely washable and correlates with the matching porcelain bowls that are also provided along with all the necessary rubber grommets and a nice set of premium tongs.

It comes fully equipped as a single hose model but is also capable of being upgraded to a two hose model if you are sharing your session with a friend … or a Vogon. At least if they are hitting the hookah you don’t have to worry about hearing the third worst poetry in the galaxy or sharing your hose with something even evolution gave up on. To upgrade the Mya Chikita to a multi-hose model, all you need is to pick up the proper Mya hookah hose stem adapter, a rubber hose grommet, and an additional hose. If you like a wide body hose that is completely washable then the 57 inch Mya Freeze Silicone Hose is perfect size and adds a little chill to your smoke or the 60 inch Mya Long Rubber Handle Silicone Hose gives you a longer reach and has a very smooth feel to the handle. Both of these hoses are guaranteed to be a perfect fit and are available in colors suited to match your new Mya Chikita. All of these products and more are available at SouthSmoke.com.

All New Vapor Hookahs: A Closer Look

New Vapor Hookahs: The Cobra, The Conquest, The Golden Nile, and The TrinityNew Vapor Hookahs in Stock Now!

Breaking news from SouthSmoke.com: New Hookahs are now available! Vapor Hookahs is happy to present you with four brand new eye catching additions to their collection. These traditional beauties are single hose models only and come as complete hookah sets including a Retail Style Box making it portable for easy travel, Hookah Tongs, Premium Egyptian Style Clay Bowl, Rubber Grommets, and a matching Vapor Hookahs Silicone Hose.

Hookah Sets: The Cobra, The Trinity, The Conquest

The Cobra is truly a sight to behold. It stands at 34” tall with a very elegant trumpet style clear glass vase that is adorned with gold and black accents. The stem is sturdy and decorated with relief designs from top to bottom giving it a truly unique look and feel. It also comes with a matching black silicone hose and unique star hookah tray that both match the stem in quality and aesthetics.

The Conquest also stands at 34” tall and comes with a bell shaped clear glass vase that is decorated with gold and black accents. Similar to the Cobra, it has a sturdy black stem with relief designs, a matching silicone hose, and also includes the unique star hookah tray. If you are looking for something eye catching and elegant, The Cobra and Conquest fit the bill perfectly.

The Golden Nile is a hookah that embodies the Midas touch. Gold colored from top to bottom, it stands at 30” tall with a clear bell shaped glass vase that is decorated with even more golden accents. The tray and stem both share the same expensive looking hue with designs that catch the eyes and can be felt with your hands. The matching golden silicone hose brings it all together into a hookah setup that seems as though it belongs in an ancient Egyptian Tomb.
The Golden Nile Hookah
The Trinity is the antithesis to the Golden Nile, matching its aesthetics in every way but supplementing the gold aspects with silver ones. It still has the beautifully designed stem and tray with the matching silicone hose; along with the clear bell shaped glass vase boasting the same type of riveting silver accents.

What are you waiting for? Come and have a look at all that Vapor Hookahs has to offer by visiting SouthSmoke.com today!

Tangiers Ololiuqui Shisha

Tangiers Flavored Tobacco Ololiuqui

Tangiers Shisha

Tangiers is one of those brands that leaves most hookah enthusiasts with that warm fuzzy feeling of love and devotion. It is revered for its innovative flavors and all natural ingredients and comes in a variety of different lines offering their own unique strength profiles and attributes. This tobacco is dark in color and finely shredded with a good balance of more tobacco than juice. It is usually recommended by most to use a phunnel style bowl with a dense pack for best results. On top of that, you want to take it easy with the heat. If you don’t overdo it and manage the heat properly, you can get a longer than average session with a taste that won’t deteriorate over time. That being said, it requires a certain degree of TLC that will more than likely take a couple of tries before really getting the hang of it. The only downside to this beloved brand is limited availability at times due to the fact that it is produced in small batches and the demand for it is pretty high.

Ololiuqui Flavored Tobacco: Outstanding & Out of the Ordinary

One flavor in particular is a personal favorite of mine: Ololiuqui. Though it may be troublesome to pronounce at times it is a fantastic flavor with a certain degree of complexity that makes it stand out above the rest. In its simplest form, it can be described as a root beer flavor and this is true. It has a very distinct spicy note reminiscent to sarsaparilla which was a main ingredient in the old school beverage. It is very apparent throughout the session and also the most prominent scent in the tobacco. But to say it was merely a root beer flavor does it a huge disservice as it has more layers than Shrek and his onions.

It’s sweet and a little earthy with some floral undertones mixed with citrus notes. Needless to say, there is a lot going on here and you may be saying to yourself, “What?” Which is understandable because there is a lot of conflicting descriptions that don’t seem to pair very well together but it is simply not the case with this flavor. Everything blends together perfectly and results in a truly unique and fantastic flavor. It is too difficult to give it justice through words; it’s one of those flavors you just need to try to know what it is all about. Find out why Tangiers is so beloved amongst the hookah community by visiting SouthSmoke.com and picking some up today!

Fumari Pure Coconut Hookah Coals

Fumari Fuoco Pure Coconut Coals

All New Fumari Fuoco Coconut Hookah Coals

Fumari Fuoco Pure Coconut Coals are the newest hookah charcoal to hit the market. They are extra dense, evenly sized 22mm Cubes that are available in a 60pc box and an 112pc box. They are made from quality Indonesian coconut shells that are burned, ground, and then hard-pressed with small amounts of plant based ingredients to hold the shape. They are all natural 100% chemical free coals that burn clean with no taste or smell and provide even heat distribution. They can be fully lit in 8 minutes using a 120v burner and last for 80-90 min per coal with minimal ash. Last night I packed my phunnel bowl with my favorite Fumari mixture of Ambrosia and Guava (70/30) and put them to the test.

Try with 120v Fumari Coal Burner

The cubes themselves are very neatly packed and evenly sized. My burner is not as powerful as the 120v Fumari Coal Burner that is suggested but even at 110v they still fully lit at 9 minutes. They do have the typical charcoal smell you get when lighting any coconut coal but it was faint and I had to get relatively close to pick it up. I usually light my coals outside so I didn’t actually test the odor in a more enclosed area which would more than likely make the scent more distinct. Even with no wind cover they do live out the time frame of 80-90 minutes as advertised but in reality after the 45 minute mark you are going to want to start heating up your next coals to keep your session going strong.

There are a ton of coconut coals on the market and we all have our favorites but these are definitely worth testing out. You can pick them up by visiting SouthSmoke.com along with the recommended 120v Fumari Coal Burner.