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Starbuzz Serpent | Sting Mint Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Shisha Serpent Line - Sting Mint Flavor
Starbuzz Serpent Sting Mint Shisha

Starbuzz Serpent is giving the hookah community a line of flavored tobacco that is interesting and full of deep, dark tobacco notes. Sting Mint is quickly becoming one of the preferred flavors from the line to no real surprise. After all, no line of tobacco is really complete without a good strong mint in the mix. Sting Mint is a single note flavor so there’s not much description needed other than it is closer to a peppermint than any of the sweeter mints. The package recommends going with a semi-dense pack in a phunnel bowl. Although this method works very well, I find that going closer to a dense pack brings out the best of all that it has to offer. The entire line isn’t overly heat sensitive but I don’t recommend going ham with the heat. It has a nice and balanced ratio of juice to leaf and you can expect some really decent cloud output.

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Starbuzz Serpent is packaged in a resealable ziplock pouch with an inner bag that holds 100g. If you purchase the 200g pouch, you received two of these 100g bags packaged individually. This is perfect for when you want to save some for down the road and do not want to worry about keeping it fresh or if you want to share or trade with a friend. The inner packages are not resealable but I would recommend keeping it in the secondary package inside the main pouch so you can remove it when you are using it to pack a bowl. The pouch itself is rather deep and can be cumbersome to try and take tobacco directly out of. Just like Shishi, you can expect some very interesting blends from this line as well as some old faithfuls. Want to give it a try? Visit SouthSmoke.com today and check out the full line.

Starbuzz Serpent Shishi

Starbuzz Serpent Line Shishi Flavored Shisha
By now most of us have heard about the new line from Starbuzz called Serpent. This unique line of flavored tobacco is kettle cured and proves to be a very interesting smoke. The dark tobacco notes are very distinctive and brought out from the use of dark molasses. This line of tobacco is packaged in a small pouch that isn’t ideal for storing your shisha but it is certainly designed beautifully. Every flavor has a very unique graphic on the front that corresponds directly with the name. That being said, Starbuzz sure got creative and neither the picture nor the name does much to give you an idea of what the actual flavor profile is. This can be fun for the more adventurous smokers but if you are like me and you don’t fall into that category then don’t worry; SouthSmoke.com has a the full list of flavor profiles listed right on the product page to help you take the guess work out of your purchase.

One of my favorite flavors from the Serpent line is Shishi. This is a new and interesting twist to your typical blueberry banana flavor combo with a dash of rose added into it. The blueberry is the most discernible flavor with the banana being more subtle than you would expect and helping to downplay the sweetness the usually accompanies a blueberry profile. The rose is on the back end and adds a very interesting complexity to the experience that doesn’t steal the spotlight but aids in balancing out the blueberry and banana flavors. You can expect a finely chopped dark cut leaf with a reasonable amount of juice so you aren’t buying more glycerin than leaf but can also still rely on getting those nice and thick clouds. Like most banana flavors, in my experience, it is slightly more heat temperamental than the other flavors but nothing that is going to hinder you session; it’s just worth noting so you keep an eye on your heat a little more.

Haze Limited Edition Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin’

Haze Cheech and Chong Still Smokin' Shisha
Dave’s not here man – but Haze is and it’s Still Smokin’! Haze has been a huge part of the hookah community since it began gaining popularity in the United States. They have some knock your socks off flavors that keep you coming back for more. On top of a huge and unique selection, Haze tobacco is a blonde leaf that can take a whole lot of heat and keep truckin’. Another awesome thing about Haze is their partnership with pop culture icons like Jazze Pha and Cheech and Chong. Their Cheech and Chong line specifically revolves around the comedic shenanigans of the dynamic duo’s most famous movies.

Haze Cheech and Chong Tobacco Still Smokin’ will jettison you back to the early 1980’s even if you have misplaced the keys to your DeLorean. The art on the tin is reminiscent of what the old movies looked like so the nostalgia factor is spot on. As for the tobacco, it smells very fruity and slightly sweet and translates well into the smoke once you pack it up. It’s a mixture of red berries with cherry being the front runner and it has subtle notes of sweet pineapple on the aftertaste; giving this traditional berry blend a new and interesting tropical twist.

Haze is fairly juicy and has a medium choppy cut that is undyed and natural in color. It is pretty versatile and performs well in all types of bowls from an egy to a vortex to a phunnel. As mentioned earlier, Haze can take some heat and works best when packed at a semi-dense level right up to the rim and kick up your heat up one notch from what you usually do. There are a few different special edition Cheech and Chong flavors so feel free to experiment and use Haze’s unique “Stack and Haze” tins to keep them all together. Whatever Haze you crave, it’s available at SouthSmoke.com in 100g and 250g tins.

Haze Coconut Charcoal Cubes

Haze Hookah Charcoal Cubes

Haze Tobacco Premium Coconut Charcoal Cubes

Haze is a brand that is known throughout the hookah community from one corner to another. They have a huge selection of tobacco flavors and they are known for having one of the most heat resilient blonde leaf tobaccos out there. In additional to their claim to fame with premium flavored tobacco products, Haze Tobacco also has one of the most popular coconut charcoal flats on the market. Now you can get everything you loved about their flats in a standard 25MM cube variation. That means you can count on getting a high quality coal that has already proven itself on the market with more heat output that lasts even longer. This ensures you don’t have to use as many coals to heat your bowl or worry about ashing them and having to change them as often.

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Haze coconut charcoal cubes are 100% all-natural and made from pure coconut shells. There are no chemicals or sulfur and it is highly recommended to never light with any accelerants as this will diminish their quality and performance. Manufactured in Indonesia, they are eco-friendly and never harm any trees in the production. They have little to no odor when lighting though it is still recommended to light them in a very well ventilated area. They are uniform in size and leave very little residue on your fingers when handling them. They do not taint the taste of your tobacco as you smoke and produces very little ash so you can always expect a nice and clean session. They are spark-less and easy to light as well as guaranteed to be long lasting; you won’t have to change the coals out until the hour mark if you manage them properly. Seal it up tight after opening and keep them in a cool, dry place to ensure optimal performance from the first coal to the last. Drop by SouthSmoke.com to pick them up; they are available in 72pc (1kg) and 1440pc (20kg) boxes.

Starbuzz Serpent Lioness

Starbuzz Serpent Shisha - Lioness Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Serpent Hookah Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Serpent has been out for just a short time and it is making its way around all the circles. This kettle cured dark molasses blend is finely cut with a semi-choppy consistency. Their original and Bold lines are very juicy where this is not very juicy at all with Vintage being somewhere in between. The packaging provides a lot of useful information including packing instructions. It is recommended to go with a semi-dense pack in a phunnel bowl for optimal performance. Throw on two to three coconut cubes and you are ready to burn; just keep in mind that the more heat you add, the more prevalent the tobacco notes become. Lioness is a creamy vanilla with strawberry notes, similar to a milkshake. It can be very sweet at times or very feint depending on your heat management. Less heat in my experience translates into more sweet.

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The packaging on the Serpent line is nothing short of spectacular. It is designed with sharp lines and beautiful eye catching color combinations. It is packed in a re-sealable package that incorporates a zip lock built right in to prevent you from having to consider alternate storing options. It is available in two sizes: 100g and 200g. If you pick up the latter, each 100g sections are separated out into their own individual packaging so you can smoke half while the other half stays fresh for as long as you need it to or makes it perfect for sharing and trading. The Serpent line incorporates a nice variety of flavors but they are all labeled in such a way as to give you almost no clue what so ever to what that flavor actually is. If you like to experiment and figure it out yourself, this is a great brand to do it with. If you like to test the water before jumping in head first, refer to our flavor guide listed on the product page.

Al-Waha Blueberry Guava

Al-Waha Blueberry Guava Hookah Shisha

Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco

Al-Waha is one of the more well-known shisha brands on the market due to its extensive collection of flavors geared to suit anyone’s needs. Manufactured in Jordan, it consists of Premium French Tobacco leaves soaked in honey. Al-Waha flavored tobacco is natural in color having a golden brown hue and a consistently fine to medium cut. It is fairly juicy but also very flavorful and supplies a solid smoking session with three or four coals depending on your heat preference.

Al-Waha Blueberry Guava Shisha

Al-Waha has a number of great flavors but one of their best, in my opinion, is their Blueberry Guava. This shisha is super flavorful and just delicious. When you first open it, you are greeted by a sharp and potent blueberry scent followed up immediately by that tropical guava. Once in the bowl, the strength of this flavor profile stands true to form. You are greeted with a blast of ripe and tart blueberries every inhale that is mellowed out by the guava notes that are more present in the exhale. The entire session is a mouthwatering see-saw between these two flavors and it just never gets old. It is flavorful yet simple blend that shines on its own but also has limitless mixing capabilities. One of my favorite mixes is 50/50 with their Melon Berry. Gives it a much sweeter tone from the honeydew melon, enhances the blueberry profile, and follows it up with an ever so slight cooling mint.

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Al-Waha is fairly juicy so best loaded into a phunnel bowl and packed at a normal density. It takes heat well but if you like to use more coals I would suggest packing it just slightly under the rim to prevent it from getting too harsh. The other great thing about Al-Waha is the price; it’s very easy on the wallet; so stock up today at SouthSmoke.com. It’s available in 50g sample packs if you want to try different mixing options and also in 200g and 1kg if you already know and love it.

Vapor Hookahs: The Plasto

vapor hookahs plasto hookah

New from Vapor Hookahs: The Plasto Hookah Kit

Earlier this week we brought you Phoenix Hookah by Vapor Hookahs but that wasn’t the only brand new design hitting the market this week. Introducing Vapor Hookahs: The Plasto. The Plasto is a 29″ tall modern hookah that is machine made to ensure a consistent design with every purchase. The Plasto shisha pipe comes as a complete hookah set including all the necessary grommets and instructions as well as hookah tongs and, just like the Phoenix, comes with an unglazed Egyptian clay bowl; great for ghosting a single flavor profile.

The Plasto: Modern Hookah Details

Plasto hookah pipes are single hose hookahs with multi hose capability that may be converted into a 2 hose hookahs, 3 hose, or 4 hose model with the appropriate Extra Large hose stem adapters. It has a clear glass vase with minimalist single colored stripe designs. The vase shape is fat on the bottom and tapers up into a slim neck connecting to the threaded common chambered heart. Inside the colored hose ports there are Pyrex glass ball bearings that will not rust over time and the down stem provided is a very wide gauge for optimal performance and an open draw.

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The tray is aluminum, being silver on the inside and black on the outside, with raised walls to prevent any ash or coals from rolling off and damaging your table surface or floor and screws on tight for a secure fit. The stem is slim and solid black with a squared color segment in the middle. All pieces of the stem are segmented and can be taken apart and screwed together to form a much smaller version for maximum portability. It comes with a silicone hose that has a colored aluminum handle that is completely washable and designed to match the whole setup. The Plasto by Vapor Hookahs is available in five colors to ensure a design to suit anyone’s. Take a look for yourself, it’s available now at SouthSmoke.com and you can scoop up the entire package for less than $90.

New Flavors from Al-Amir Tobacco

al-amir flavored tobacco new flavors

Al-Amir Premium Flavored Tobacco: New Flavors!

We are just days into the New Year and 2018 is already beginning strong with hot new product releases. Al-Amir tobacco has just added five new flavors to their already stellar lineup. Al-Amir Premium flavored tobacco has been a part of the hookah world since 2004. For the first 6 years, they imported from the Middle East but decided to relocate in 2010 to the U.S. in the state of California so they could have ownership in every aspect of their products quality control. Because of this, they are able to ensure all the ingredients used are FDA approved and it allows them to deliver the freshest product possible. Their motto is, “We make our customer’s needs our number one priority. There is nothing more important to us than serving our customers quality products in an efficient manner.”

Al-Amir Shisha Flavor Profiles & Recommended Hookah Accessories

First up is Berry splash that is a juicy peach with sweet and tart blackberries on the exhale. Tropical Splash will put a little Summer in your Winter with a refreshing blend of Pineapple and Coconut, Minty Gum is all in the name, Blue Mango is creamy mango blended with ripe blueberries, and Southern Blue is Sweet blueberries coupled with refreshing mint.
Al-Amir has a fine chop and is dyed red. It is super juicy so it produces the best results when using a normal pack in a phunnel bowl; just sprinkle in the tobacco producing a fluff pack and lightly pat down until all stray leaves are smoothed out and it reaches the edge of the rim. It is recommended to start with 3 hookah coals depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using and work your way up if you want more heat. Stop by SouthSmoke.com today and check out these new flavors available in 250g tubs.

Vapor Hookahs: The Phoenix

vapor hookahs phoenix hookah single hose hookah

New from Vapor Hookahs: The Phoenix

It’s a new year and Vapor Hookahs is starting it off right with a brand new addition to their lineup. Introducing Vapor Hookahs: The Phoenix Hookah. The Phoenix is a 26″ tall modern hookah that is machine made so every hookah is identical in design and quality. The Phoenix shisha pipe comes as a complete hookah set including all the necessary grommets and instructions as well as hookah tongs and an unglazed Egyptian clay bowl; great for ghosting a single flavor profile.

Phoenix Hookah Details

Phoenix hookah pipes are single hose hookahs with multi hose capability that may be converted into a 2 hose, 3 hose, or 4 hose model with the appropriate Extra Large hose stem adapters. It has a medium sized clear glass vase with a rounded and ribbed design that is decorated with colored stripe designs on the base and neck. The vase shape is round and ribbed, tapering up to the thinnest point at the common chambered heart that twists and locks in place.

Hookah Accessories

Inside the colored hose ports there are Pyrex glass ball bearings that will not rust over time and the down stem provided is a very wide gauge for optimal performance and an open draw. The tray is a unique curved glass with colored trim and it screws on tight for a secure fit. The stem is a solid piece that is solid colored with angular lines. Finally, bringing the whole package together, it comes with a silicone hose that has a colored aluminum handle that is completely washable and designed to match the whole setup.

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The Phoenix by Vapor Hookahs is available in a stunning gold or a vibrant purple; either option is a beautiful addition to any collection and will last for years to come with the proper care and maintenance. Take a look for yourself, it’s available now at SouthSmoke.com and you can scoop up the entire package for just under $95.

New Additions from Vapor Hookahs

Bohemian Style Glass Hookah Vases

The Timber Wooden Hookah

We have quite a few new and exciting items to share with you! First up is the Timber hookah; the very first edition to our new wooden hookah line. The Timber is a 29” tall single hose hookah that comes as a complete set including hookah tongs, a solid black round glass vase, an unglazed Egyptian bowl, a curved solid black tray design, rubber grommets, and setup instructions. It also comes with a beautifully designed matching silicone hose that is fully washable and fully equipped with a stunning wooden handle. The handle is designed for maximum comfort as you are holding and smoking as well as including a spring that goes on the side that plugs into the hose port and prevents it from kinking. There is no doubt about it, this little beauty is a show stopper.

Bohemian Style Glass Hookah Vases

Next up is the Vapor Hookahs Bohemian Style Glass Hookah Vases. They are ideal for replacing a damaged vase or for providing an alternate vase to enhance the appeal of your Hookah. Vapor Hookahs Glass Hookah Vases are elegantly designed to add style and sophistication to any setup at an affordable price. Vapor Hookahs Glass Vases all have a 1.875” opening diameter so they are guaranteed to fit most Medium and Large Style Hookahs offered in the industry with the right combination of available vase grommets.

The King Vase is a 12.5” tall trumpet style design with an elongated neck. The glass is adorned with black and gold accents that go around the tip and base with vertical curvilinear lines that further accentuate the tapering design of the glass. The other three are all bell shaped designs with a round bottom and a thin neck. The Queen is the tallest at 13” and is adorned with simplistic golden accents where the Duke is about 11.75” tall and decorated with intricate black and gold designs. The Prince is also 11.75” tall and has mostly golden accents with a little black mixed in and is available in black, blue, green, or red to ensure you are able to get the perfect color match for your set up.

Hookah Supplies & More

Unglazed bowls are preferred by Hookah smokers who are looking to enhance their smoking experience by designating one bowl for a one flavor in particular. The Unglazed bowls allows the juices and flavoring to absorb into the clay, ghosting the bowl, and boosting the flavor strength each session. If you want to enhance it even further, couple it with an unwashable leather hose and dedicate it to the same flavor. Just keep in mind, if you mix flavors with either it will not perform the same.

Hookah Starter Vacuum Kit

Last but not least, we have the Hookah Starter Vacuum Kit. Jump start your Hookah smoking sessions by inserting the Hookah Hose into the funnel attachment and allowing the vacuum to take the first few puffs. As soon as the Hookah vase is filled with smoke, you’re all set and ready to go so you can experience the real flavor of what you’re smoking with your first inhale! This little wonder saves you time and trouble so that you can start enjoying your session as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Visit SouthSmoke.com today and check out all these fantastic new items.