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After Supper Shisha – Al Waha’s After Nine

Al-Waha Tobacco After Nine Flavor

Al-Waha After Nine – Chocolate and Mint Collide

I am confident that everyone has heard the idiom, “Money can’t buy happiness.” One thing is for sure, you never hear that said about chocolate; and you certainly never will! Eating chocolate floods your brain with copious amounts of dopamine and raises you up to a proverbial cloud nine – or cloud “After Nine”, if you will.

Aside from the fact that chocolate is basically edible happiness, it is also simply delicious and used as a reward or a treat for as long as any of us can remember. So why not treat yourself?

After Nine Hookah Tobacco Flavor Review

Which are you craving? – An after dinner mint or an after dinner dessert – Al-Waha Tobacco says, “Why not have both!” Al-Waha’s tobacco flavor After Nine is a delicious blend of chocolate and mint. It smells like a York Peppermint Pattie which will have you jumping up and down eager to prove what you would do for a taste of that shisha! It hits your tongue like a tasty treat and leaves your mouth watering as you realize you just inhaled an Andie’s Mint Chocolate.

Upon opening, you will notice it is very moist and juicy with chunky leaves and minimal stems. It has a lasting flavor that is heavier on the mint towards the end of the session.

You will get decent clouds that lack a little volume but are still satisfactory while maintaining a slight and subtle buzz that won’t knock you off of your feet as it has a nicotine content of about .05%.

But don’t take our word for it, head over to SouthSmoke.com and try some for yourself.

If you want to mix it up a bit, try adding some vanilla shisha to the mix to give it a more Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavor that can be further amplified by a little vanilla extract in your Hookah water.

There is no doubt that Al Waha’s After Nine shisha will be the perfect punctuation to your night.

Al-Waha California Dream is now Cali Twist

Al Waha Cali Twist Tobacco Splash

California Love – Al-Waha’s Cali Twist

Summer is here in full swing and what better way to battle the heat than with a beautifully crafted Hookah coupled with a refreshing flavored tobacco. Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco’s Cali Twist (formerly known as California Dream) is just the flavor for this occasion.

Al-Waha Cali Twist Flavor Profile

Cali Twist smells like a pack of delicious gummy fruit snacks and tastes like a fruity Popsicle. There are many different flavors packed into this shisha to give it that tropical taste – It has yummy red cherry with refreshing pineapple and sweet oranges to help add some chill to the heat. It is lightly sweet with some tartness and has decent cloud production with a subtle buzz. Believe it when we say that this flavor is a tropical paradise that will make your hookah sing from the sweetness and keep you coming back for more. Add a little orange juice to your hookah water to boost the flavor profile and make Cali Twist even more mouthwatering!

Why Al-Waha?

What makes Al-Waha Flavored Hookah Tobacco stand out from the crowd of other hookah flavors? For starters, no other brand of hookah tobacco offers a better quality smoke for the price than Al-Waha. Some companies want you to pay top dollar, but Al-Waha makes their product affordable for all. The makers of Al-Waha Tobacco know not all hookah smokers can afford all the latest flavors. Those who have to pick and choose their purchases carefully can sometimes miss out.

Does this sound familiar? Then Al-Waha is for you!

Of course, affordability means nothing without a great taste to back it up. And Al-Waha hookah tobacco offers both! A staggering amount of flavors are available and although Al-Waha offers an affordable product, they don’t skimp on quality. Honey, glycerin, and that special Al-Waha molasses are the ingredients that make them awesome and affordable.

Shop SouthSmoke.com now to try Cali Twist and other Al Waha flavors for yourself.

Today The Gummi Bears Have Their Hookah

Fumari Red Gummi Bear White Gummi Bear Flavors

The Gummi Bears Join The Hookah Picnic

Any gummi bear fanatic will tell you the white bear is where it’s at!

Fumari Hookah Tobacco’s White Gummi Bear flavored shisha is spot on! Even the biggest gummy enthusiast would be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about it, and if the flavor itself wasn’t enough, the clouds it produces are the perfect punctuation to this delicious shisha.

The tobacco is smothered in juice with a medium cut and a matching flavor strength. On inhale, you instantly get that candied pineapple flavor of the white gummy bear with a lingering sweetness.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a Red Gummi Bear flavor! I know – it’s like they are reading our minds! It’s a must have flavor for any of the red gummi fans out there. Just like its predecessor, it tastes exactly how you would image it! With a bold cherry flavor as the main focus, it gives the sensation of fruit punch as you catch the hints of raspberry mixed in.

Fumari Premium Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Premium Hookah Tobacco is well known in the US market for its unique flavors and intense smoking experience. It is strikingly fresh as each 100g pouch is packaged upon order to ensure guaranteed freshness while maintaining a strong and flavorful smoke. The Fumari Tobacco brand’s 100 pouch allows for Hookah users to become acquainted with Fumari Tobacco and to be able to experience a variety of flavors at an affordable price.

Fumari Tobacco Deal

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To receive a $1.00 credit Off Each Fumari 100g Pouch, simply add the desired number of Fumari 100g Pouches to your shopping cart and then use the following promotional code: FUMARI100.

Hit That Sweet Tooth with Al-Fakher Cream Flavors

Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco Creams

Al-Fakher Cream Flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Grape, and Mint with Cream

What to do about that sweet tooth? Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco is a name we all know and love for many reasons –  four of those reasons are their vanilla infused cream line of shisha including: Strawberry with cream, Orange with cream, Grape with cream, and Mint with cream.

This collection of flavored hookah tobacco is not only sweet but incredibly smooth. Upon opening the package you see the traditional red tinted tobacco with fine cut leaves in plenty of juice. The initial smell of all of these are rather light in comparison to other Al-Fakher flavors, but the cloud production is top notch and leaves you wanting for nothing.

Now for the flavors! Each one of these variations is unique in its own right.

The Strawberry for instance smells like a milkshake. You get a candied strawberry flavor initially that is smoothed out by a creamy vanilla exhale and is reminiscent somewhat to strawberry shortcake.

Much like the strawberry, the Orange with Cream also has a creamy exhale following the initial citrus flavor. You get a nice blast of orange initially followed closely by a buttery vanilla that creates a taste much like a Creamsicle.

Grape with Cream is a little different; it is more subtle on scent than the others – the cream taking a front seat on this one and leaving you with a pleasant exhale infused with grape.

As with the Grape, the Mint is waiting in the background to give you a nice chilly exhale. The Mint with Cream is nothing like Al-Fakher’s traditional mint flavor in regards to the strength of the mint but I found sprinkling a little original mint into the mix gave it that little extra kick when I wanted it.

It is also worth noting that a few drops of vanilla extract in your hookah water does wonders for these types of flavor profiles.

What’s In That Secret Agent Ugly Hookah Tobacco?

Ugly Hookah Tobacco Review - Secret Agent

The Ugly Hookah Tobacco Secret Agent

What do we have here? – Your guess is as good as mine! It’s Secret Agent by Ugly Hookah Tobacco. Ugly describes it by asking, “Is it a blend of orange and berries? Grapefruit and pineapple, or citrus with a touch of pineapple and berries? Take a puff and see if you can crack the ‘Secret.’” One thing is certain, one puff off this fantastic shisha by Ugly Hookah Tobacco and it will have you singing a rendition of Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man” – hopefully silently in your head as to spare the others around you. No? Okay, maybe that is just me but it will undoubtedly leave your head spinning in the way Ugly Hookah Tobacco is renowned for.

The initial scent the tobacco gives off is a mouth-watering berry. It is a very complex blend with a lot of fruit and citrus tones giving it a refreshing tropical feel. Strawberry is the front runner by far but there is some orange in there as well. There seems to be some grapefruit and pineapple also. The clouds produced are thick and smooth and the smoke tastes sweet. As usual, it is a medium cut leaf and this particular blend tends to be pretty juicy. I found that mixing in some mint to add a cooling effect was a great compliment to the melody.

Want some tips and tricks? To allow the Flavored Tobacco to taste fresher and last longer, place the Flavored Tobacco in an air tight container. Do not place the container in the refrigerator, as it will ruin the Flavored Tobacco. Instead, store the container in a cupboard at room temperature. Also, since this is a berry blend, try putting berries in your water for a fruitier smoke – just remember to clean out your hookah after each smoking session to keep it sanitary and fresh for your next use.

Your Love Is Like a Roller Coaster Baby Baby

Ugly Hookah Tobacco Flavor Review Roller Coaster

Ugly Hookah Tobacco Roller Coaster Review

Ugly Hookah Tobacco is back at it again with the recent release of a new shisha flavor called Roller Coaster — and boy, is it aptly named! It hit the market early this year in 2017 and has been taking our taste buds for a ride ever since. Just like we have come to expect from Ugly Hookah Tobacco, Roller Coaster is nothing short of the high quality and buzz-inducing premium hookah tobacco they consistently deliver time and time again.

This particular flavor profile will give you a reminiscent feeling of their incredibly popular Orange Keef shisha but with a new and interesting twist – A twist of double apple that is! Now, if you are not usually a fan of the trademarked spice that “anise” usually brings to the table do not fret just yet. The delivery is subtle and it blends to form a very solid compliment to the citrus tones that compile the base structure of the flavor.

For those of you not familiar with anise in reference to tobacco, it is commonly associated with apple as it is a star ingredient for any “double apple” type flavors. It has a taste similar to black licorice like that of Jägermeister as this liqueur is also flavored with anise among other things. Most of the time it is a very straight forward bias from hookah enthusiasts – they either love anise or hate it – but this blend is a great in between that could sway the taste buds of those who have previously disregarded it.

The most interesting part of this shisha is how the flavors will slightly change throughout the session. One moment you will get a more intense citrus flavor and over the next couple minutes get a stronger anise flavor, and they will continue to switch out with one another periodically. Enjoy the ride hookah lovers and find out why “Ugly Never Tasted So Good.”

Ugly Hookah Tobacco Review – Orange Keef

Black and what smokey room ugly hookah tobacco orange keef

Orange You Glad We Reviewed This For You?

The aptly named Orange Keef shisha flavor from Ugly Hookah Tobacco. is so good, it almost can’t be described in words … but that’s not going to stop us from trying. The first thing you notice when you open this flavored tobacco for the first time is a vibrant and potent orange scent as well as the large choppy leaves of the tobacco.

It encompasses both the tartness and the sweetness of the showcased fruit. You can expect a robust and fruitful inhale complimented nicely by a refreshing cooling effect on the exhale. The mint in this flavor is subtle to the point that is doesn’t give you the impression of mint as a main ingredient but rather an undertone that boosts the main flavor profile of orange and slightly soothes any roughness one has come to expect from a very citrusy shisha.

If there is one thing Ugly hookah tobacco provides with every hookah session, its freshness. Each package of Ugly hookah tobacco is packaged upon order to ensure freshness. Your hookah sessions will be strong and flavorful as long as you’re smoking Ugly. Made with premium ingredients, Ugly shisha lets you blow big, smooth smoke clouds that are full of fresh flavor and it packs a punch for all you buzz chasers out there.

Ugly Hookah Tobacco - Orange Keef

Ugly knows that a hookah session is only as good as it tastes. That’s why they offer delicious flavors for you to enjoy – or even better, with a good group of friends. If you’re looking for a taste that’s just like the real thing, you can’t go wrong with Ugly. Looking for a bit more excitement from your hookah? Ugly offers unique hookah flavors you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll have to try it for yourself!
Whether you’re looking for fresh tastes you can count on or an exciting burst of flavor to tantalize your tongue, Ugly hookah flavors have just what you’re looking for. Ugly is all about offering you choices, and we are happy to help you make one. So make the smart choice and choose Ugly from SouthSmoke.com!

Hookah Tobacco Review – Ugly Cinnamon Blast

Ugly Hookah Tobacco - Cinnamon Blast

Ugly Cinnamon Blast Hookah Tobacco – What Did We Think?

Want to add some spice to your life? Try packing your hookah with Cinnamon Blast tobacco shisha flavor by Ugly Hookah Tobacco. The aroma upon opening will leave your nose tingling with a mixture of spice and spearmint. The two contrasting flavors complement each other perfectly by giving you a nice cool minty intake and juxtaposing it with a sweet and spicy cinnamon exhale.

The flavored hookah tobacco itself is naturalistic in color with a medium long cut that is semi-choppy with big leaves and few stems. It’s recommended to use a semi-dense pack to enhance the smoothness. It will maintain its flavor profile for an easy two sessions but it also packs a huge buzz so unless you are accustomed to higher nicotine levels, be sure to breathe easy.

Ugly Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Tobacco is made with the highest quality Virginia FC tobacco and is cut and prepared exclusively in the United States. Ugly Premium flavored hookah tobacco is known for using high quality honey and molasses to ensure that each flavor is made with only the best flavor extracts gathered from around the globe.

Every batch of Ugly flavored hookah tobacco is inspected for quality before it is packaged to ensure your satisfaction and that is why you should take this opportunity and see for yourself why “Ugly Never Tasted So Good.” The Ugly Tobacco brand’s 100g jars allows for hookah users to become acquainted with Ugly Tobacco and to be able to experience a variety of flavors at an affordable price so no one is left out of the fun.

SouthSmoke.com carries 35 premium hookah tobacco Ugly flavors to satisfy all your flavor cravings.

Ugly Hookah Shisha Tobacco features classic and completely unique shisha flavors for even the most sophisticated smokers. It is truly a taste for the ages. Try some today!

Al-Waha Chai Latte is Great for a Rainy Day!

Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco Chai Latte Flavor Review

A New Spin On Chai Latte

Spring showers bring may flowers, but Al-Waha brings the Chai Latte! Nothing is more relaxing than watching the rain while enjoying the exquisite taste of a well prepared Chai Latte. Instead of running out to get one you can stock up on Al-Waha: Chai Latte Flavored Shisha Tobbaco or get a convenient sample pack with your next SouthSmoke.com order!

Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco Review – Chai Latte

Al-Waha Flavored Hookah Tobacco

We will be using a Khalil Mamoon Ashraf Star Single Hose Hookah. We have swapped out the traditional Egyptian Clay Bowl with the Vapor Premium Clay Bowl, but the rest we kept traditional. We prefer the Vapor Premium Clay Bowls because they are more consistent in quality, size, and depth. To keep this session going as long as possible we opted for the Charco Flare Flat Cube Coconut Charcoals. For our foil we are using Vapor Pre Punched Foil.

Clay Hookah Bowl

As always you are going to want to make sure that you mix the shisha well so that the honey is evenly distributed throughout that shisha. Al-Waha is a medium fine cut tobacco so you don’t have to cut it when you are getting ready for your session. Al-Waha is quite similar to Al-Fakher when it comes to the way you pack your bowls. For this type of shisha you are going to want to do a nice fluff pack. This is simply just sprinkling the shisha into the bowl with out packing it down. If the shisha is over the rim of the bowl you are going to want to push it down gently without making it too dense. You don’t want the foil to touch the top of the shisha because it will scorch the top layer of shisha. Now we are going to use 3 of the flats to get the bowl started and once you are getting nice thick clouds you can take one off. This is a personal preference of course.

The smell of the Chai Latte alone is enticing and the slightly sweet cinnamon flavor will help you relax and enjoy the rainy days to come! The honey in the shisha helps make the smoke smooth which is great for big clouds. This flavor stayed consistent through out the smoking session and the clouds were thick. Don’t forget to add Al-Waha Chai Latte to your next SouthSmoke.com order to enjoy the next time you are indoors on a rainy day! It is available in a 50g sample pack as well as a 200g and 1 Kilo Tub for your smoking pleasure!

All Caged Up with Mya Hookahs

Mya Hookahs from South Smoke

Mya Hookahs

As one of the world’s foremost leaders in design and manufacturing of hookahs, you’ve probably already heard of Mya Hookahs. You may have already purchased one of their 1000’s of hookah designs or built your own. In fact, Mya is one of the only hookah companies in the business that makes their vases with real bohemian crystal.

A few of the Mya Hookahs come with a unique feature that may have you ordering sooner than you thought! This added feature is a metal carrying cage for easy hookah travel and transport. Convenient for transporting your hookah to a party, vacation, or anywhere else you would like to partake in smoking your hookah. Listed below are a few examples of Mya Hookahs that come with those easy to transport carrying cage/wire basket:

Econo QT Mya Hookah

Mya QT Series


Starting with a cost effective Econo QT, this small but very efficient hookah can play with the big boys. Coming in various colors, with a molded aluminum stem and glass base, this steal of a hookah deal can be converted into 2 person hookah. Next we move on to the Econo QT’s big brothers, the Regular Mya QT. Standing 14” tall, this great hookah won’t break the bank but come with better features such asa solid brass stem.

Mono Mya Hookah

Mya Mono

The Mya Mono Hookah stands apart in design and craftsmanship. At 16” tall and equipped with a brass stem, this hookah’s glass vase comes in stylish colors such as Black (Smoke Grey), Blue, Green, Light Purple (Burgundy), Pink, and Sky Blue. The great thing about all the Mya hookahs we mention here are their Auto Seal System that eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when in use by multiple smokers. This Hookah is easily capable of being converted into a 4-person hookah.

Vento Mya Hookah

Mya Vento

A very popular Mya hookah, the Mya Vento Hookah stands in at 16” in height and packs a real punch. Named from the Italian word “Vento” meaning “Wind”, this hookah creates a massive intake of air circulation that will give you giant smoke clouds. The glass vase comes in 6 different colors and has a strong brass shaft. Just as the Mya Mono and the Mya QT hookahs, this hookah uses the Auto Seal System that makes your life much easier. This hookah comes as a 1-person but can be easily converted to a 2, 3, or 4-person model.

All of these Mya Hookahs and more are available at SouthSmoke.com, your premier resource for avid hookah smokers worldwide.