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Al-Waha Chai Latte is Great for a Rainy Day!

Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco Chai Latte Flavor Review

A New Spin On Chai Latte

Spring showers bring may flowers, but Al-Waha brings the Chai Latte! Nothing is more relaxing than watching the rain while enjoying the exquisite taste of a well prepared Chai Latte. Instead of running out to get one you can stock up on Al-Waha: Chai Latte Flavored Shisha Tobbaco or get a convenient sample pack with your next SouthSmoke.com order!

Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco Review – Chai Latte

Al-Waha Flavored Hookah Tobacco

We will be using a Khalil Mamoon Ashraf Star Single Hose Hookah. We have swapped out the traditional Egyptian Clay Bowl with the Vapor Premium Clay Bowl, but the rest we kept traditional. We prefer the Vapor Premium Clay Bowls because they are more consistent in quality, size, and depth. To keep this session going as long as possible we opted for the Charco Flare Flat Cube Coconut Charcoals. For our foil we are using Vapor Pre Punched Foil.

Clay Hookah Bowl

As always you are going to want to make sure that you mix the shisha well so that the honey is evenly distributed throughout that shisha. Al-Waha is a medium fine cut tobacco so you don’t have to cut it when you are getting ready for your session. Al-Waha is quite similar to Al-Fakher when it comes to the way you pack your bowls. For this type of shisha you are going to want to do a nice fluff pack. This is simply just sprinkling the shisha into the bowl with out packing it down. If the shisha is over the rim of the bowl you are going to want to push it down gently without making it too dense. You don’t want the foil to touch the top of the shisha because it will scorch the top layer of shisha. Now we are going to use 3 of the flats to get the bowl started and once you are getting nice thick clouds you can take one off. This is a personal preference of course.

The smell of the Chai Latte alone is enticing and the slightly sweet cinnamon flavor will help you relax and enjoy the rainy days to come! The honey in the shisha helps make the smoke smooth which is great for big clouds. This flavor stayed consistent through out the smoking session and the clouds were thick. Don’t forget to add Al-Waha Chai Latte to your next SouthSmoke.com order to enjoy the next time you are indoors on a rainy day! It is available in a 50g sample pack as well as a 200g and 1 Kilo Tub for your smoking pleasure!

All Caged Up with Mya Hookahs

Mya Hookahs from South Smoke

Mya Hookahs

As one of the world’s foremost leaders in design and manufacturing of hookahs, you’ve probably already heard of Mya Hookahs. You may have already purchased one of their 1000’s of hookah designs or built your own. In fact, Mya is one of the only hookah companies in the business that makes their vases with real bohemian crystal.

A few of the Mya Hookahs come with a unique feature that may have you ordering sooner than you thought! This added feature is a metal carrying cage for easy hookah travel and transport. Convenient for transporting your hookah to a party, vacation, or anywhere else you would like to partake in smoking your hookah. Listed below are a few examples of Mya Hookahs that come with those easy to transport carrying cage/wire basket:

Econo QT Mya Hookah

Mya QT Series


Starting with a cost effective Econo QT, this small but very efficient hookah can play with the big boys. Coming in various colors, with a molded aluminum stem and glass base, this steal of a hookah deal can be converted into 2 person hookah. Next we move on to the Econo QT’s big brothers, the Regular Mya QT. Standing 14” tall, this great hookah won’t break the bank but come with better features such asa solid brass stem.

Mono Mya Hookah

Mya Mono

The Mya Mono Hookah stands apart in design and craftsmanship. At 16” tall and equipped with a brass stem, this hookah’s glass vase comes in stylish colors such as Black (Smoke Grey), Blue, Green, Light Purple (Burgundy), Pink, and Sky Blue. The great thing about all the Mya hookahs we mention here are their Auto Seal System that eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when in use by multiple smokers. This Hookah is easily capable of being converted into a 4-person hookah.

Vento Mya Hookah

Mya Vento

A very popular Mya hookah, the Mya Vento Hookah stands in at 16” in height and packs a real punch. Named from the Italian word “Vento” meaning “Wind”, this hookah creates a massive intake of air circulation that will give you giant smoke clouds. The glass vase comes in 6 different colors and has a strong brass shaft. Just as the Mya Mono and the Mya QT hookahs, this hookah uses the Auto Seal System that makes your life much easier. This hookah comes as a 1-person but can be easily converted to a 2, 3, or 4-person model.

All of these Mya Hookahs and more are available at SouthSmoke.com, your premier resource for avid hookah smokers worldwide.

Tea time with Trifecta’s Earl Grey

Trifecta Early Grey Shisha Flavor

Trifecta Shisha Earl Grey Flavor – Review

I know what you’re thinking. There are a million tea flavored shishas out there. Why is Trifecta’s Earl Grey any different? Well, Trifecta recently came out with a whole new line and we were thrilled to see that their new collection is a great mix of classic and innovative flavors. They’ve got the original MVPs like Blueberry and Apple, but they’ve also come out with a delectable Lychee and a bold flavored Earl Grey Tea.

Since there are quite a few tea flavors out there (Earl Grey is a bit more rare) we wanted to know how Trifecta’s Earl Grey measured up and compared to the flavor of genuine, loose leaf Earl Grey tea. We tried it out for ourselves so we could give you the low down before you made a purchase. That was our excuse anyway.

Trifecta Tobacco

In order to truly appreciate Trifecta shisha, you should first know the meticulous and painstaking process they go through to give us the kind of quality tobacco experienced hookah lovers trust. Trifecta shisha is hand cut by skilled tobacconists and mixed with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane, to produce a full-bodied tobacco blend under pressurized heat. Lastly, premium quality hand selected flavors are added to the mixture and left to acclimate.

Trifecta Dark Leaf Flavored Hookah Tobacco

How’s the Taste?

The first thing we noticed about Trifecta’s Earl Grey was the bold, invigorating aroma of the shisha. It smells exactly like what you expect when opening up a new pack of Earl Grey tea. There is an unexpected hint of lemon, which surprised us, but certainly didn’t disappoint or take away from the overall full-bodied flavor. The shisha itself is that nice, dark leaf full-bodied shisha we have come to expect from Trifecta. Trifecta is known for its raw tobacco, dark molasses, and high nicotine content. Note: when smoking this shisha, please keep in mind that this tobacco has a higher nicotine content than most, and should be used by seasoned hookah enthusiasts.

When it comes to the flavor, Trifecta’s Earl Grey shisha is notably bold to start, and then it mellows out after about half an hour. Although the bold flavor subsides somewhat with time, it’s still delicious throughout the entire session. It is consistently tasty, and the clouds are full bodied and thick. The Earl Grey tea flavor, subtly accented with a fresh splash of lemon tang, really comes through. We think it would be a wonderful refreshing smoke for these hot spring and summer days to come.

Trifecta Earl Grey shisha is available here at SouthSmoke.com in 250g jars, along with their whole new delicious line. If you love tea, or you just want to throw something new and trustworthy into your mix, this shisha is an absolute must try.

Getting Beach Ready with Al-Waha Summer Air!

Al-Waha flavored hookah tobacco Summer Air Flavor

Al-Waha Summer Air Flavor Review

It may not feel like it outside, but we can dream of getting ready for picnic days with the refreshing taste of lemon and passion fruit! The smell alone will leave you wanting more!

The Hookah Set-Up

For this test of the Al-Waha Elite Edition Tobacco: Summer Air flavor, we decided to use our Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights with an Ice chamber. We, of course, filled the ice chamber to take our session to the next level! We also swapped out the Khalil Mamoon Long Handle Hose for a Mya Freeze hose to get an extra chill factor.

The rest we kept pretty standard with the Egyptian Grommets and a Large Vapor Premium Clay Bowl. The consistency when it comes to the depth and diameter make this bowl an all time favorite here at SouthSmoke.com when using an Egyptian Hookah. You also don’t have to worry about the slight imperfections that are commonplace in traditional clay bowls.

Al-Waha Elite Texture

Now, to get the bowl prepped you are going to want to do a nice fluff pack like you would with  Al Fakher. This shisha is nicely cut so there is no need to re-cut the tobacco.

Al-Waha has perfected their proportions so that your shisha is nice and juicy but not drenched in the honey. That’s right I said honey! It’s used as a substitute for molasses and will still produce those nice thick clouds we all desire when enjoying our Hookah.

To top it off we used the Vapor Pre Punched Foil Roll. We find it easier than using the individual sheets and less time consuming than having to punch holes in regular aluminum foil.

Now to get the party started we are using Charco Flare Charcoal Cubes! They are odorless and tasteless Charcoal Cubes that we are raving about here at SouthSmoke.com! On top of the benefit of not tasting or smelling the coals Charco Flare Charcoal Cubes last two to three times longer than most coals on the market!

Al-Waha Elite Summer Air Flavor Experience

The refreshing taste of lemon is the first taste that you will notice followed by the sweet sensation of the passion fruit. Both wonderful flavors combined with the chilling effect of the ice chamber and the Vapor Freeze Hose will make you wonder why you didn’t get a Kilo tub!

If you want some thing refreshing and delicious then make sure to add this shisha to your next SouthSmoke.com Order! No need to wait for summer to enjoy Al-Waha’s Summer Air!

New Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco Flavors

Six New Trifecta Dark Tobacco Flavors

New Trifecta Tobacco Flavors

Trifecta Dark Blend Tobacco has taken the dark leaf shisha market by storm. While they are still a very small craft company, the popularity of their flavored tobacco is of no surprise to us here at SouthSmoke.com. The quality of materials, craftsmanship, and the love they have for what they do shine through in the product like no other.

It is awesome to be able to watch a great product become more and more popular every month with virtually no marketing. We believe this speaks volumes for a company and what they do and is why we are proud to offer our customers Trifecta Dark Leaf Shisha.

Trifecta Tobacco has been working hard at some new flavors that they say have finally perfected. The six new flavors that have been released bring Trifecta’s dark blend line to seventeen incredible flavors.

6 New Flavors From Trifecta

Cool Cinnamon Gum is a flavor that is becoming more popular these days and a shisha company would be foolish to not have a great one to offer.

Industry leaders are saying that Trifecta’s Blueberry is the best blueberry shisha available. If you’re a blueberry fan you may want to give this one a try!

Manzanas is Trifecta’s take on double apple. If you know Trifecta, they are always putting their own spin on things so this will be an interesting flavor to pick up and add to your double apple collection. The fact that Trifecta has been producing shisha for this long and is just releasing a double apple speaks volumes about the company. Putting out a quality product has always been priority number one.

Lychee has always been a popular flavor for Nakhla, so Trifecta releasing one right after Nakhla drops theirs from the mizo line is one heck of a brilliant move.

Trifecta’s Morning Glory coffee flavor is kind of what put them on the map in the shisha industry because they do it very well, so releasing an Earl Grey flavor seems only natural. This should make a great mixer for all of you enthusiasts out there!

The last new flavor released is Pineapple. Now, pineapple has been a difficult flavor for any company to do well. Haze Tobacco does pineapple the best with their Pineapple Krush, let’s see how Trifecta stacks up. Knowing Trifecta, they wouldn’t release anything that didn’t stack up against the best!

As always, we at SouthSmoke.com make it our mission to bring you the full line of any brand we offer.

Stop by today and try out one of these great new Trifecta flavors and don’t forget to tag us in your pics! #SouthSmokeSelfie

Keepin’ it lit with Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals!

Keepin It Lit Charo flare hookah coals Flame

The Key To Good Hookah Is Good Hookah Charcoal

To get the most flavor out of your shisha and your session try out a box of Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal. These are natural hookah coals that are manufactured out of coconut shells without any quick lighting chemicals.

One of the best things about the Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal is that these coals are odorless when lighting and in use which we, here at SouthSmoke.com, think is fantastic.  Because of this, Charco Flare Coals are tasteless letting you enjoy the exotic flavors of your shisha unhindered by hookah coals.

Last, but not least, these charcoals will burn three times longer than most other coconut charcoals available on the market! That’s right, a longer burn for a more relaxed and enjoyable session.

We offer Charco Flare Coals in 3 styles and a multitude of different count boxes.

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Quarter Circle

The quarter circle shape of these coals make them perfect for fitting into your heat management systems without all the wasted space you normally get from cubes or flats. Think of these like the shape of a slice of pizza or piece of pie. Designed to maximize the limited space you have inside a HMS, these are really a no brainer if you are into using a heat management device. They are available in a 16 Piece sample size box and 112 Piece Box. So next time you need coals, pick up a 16pc box and see how you like them. Then when you realize what you have been missing, swing back by and stock up with the 112pc!

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Cube

For those of you who like the ease and longevity of full cubes, Charco Flare has something wonderful for you too! Set ’em and forget ’em, these full cubes will take your session into that time frame you have been striving to reach out of a bowl. The cubes come in a 12 Piece Box sample size so you can give them a try with your next order without breaking the bank! Once you see why we love the Charco Flare Coconut cubes you will want to check out the 72 Piece Box (1 kilo), 144 Piece Box (2 kilo), and for the dedicated hookah enthusiast we offer a 720 Piece Box (10 kilo lounge pack)!

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Flat

If you are a smoker that enjoys the challenge and technical side of heat management, Charco Flare has you covered too. Many enjoy using flats so they can fine tune or manage the heat better. Flats allow two different sized surface areas on the coals, thus enabling you to fine tune how much coal surface area and how much heat you are directly applying to your bowl. You can stand them up, lay them flat, or any combination of the two in order to get that perfect amount of heat. They also don’t ash quite as much. The Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Flat version is available in a 108 Piece Box.

No matter what your smoking style is, Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal has you covered. When you are placing your next order with SouthSmoke.com don’t forget to add a box of Charco Flare Coconut charcoal to experience the latest and greatest of coconut coals on the market!

Al-Waha Libella Swing will leave you wanting more!

Al Waha Hookah Tobacco Libella Swing Flavor Review

Taste the Splash of Al-Waha Tobacco Libella Swing

This sweet-smelling flavored shisha will soon be your new favorite if you like the combination of fruit and mint!  It also has hints of orange that are noticeable but not overwhelming. Al-Waha hookah tobacco is known for being diverse but is comparable to Al-Fakher when it comes to the more natural flavors that you want in your shisha.

Al-Waha Libella Swing Flavor

Al-Waha Flavor Test

For this review we grabbed our trusty Khalil Mamoon Single Pear. We kept the whole session traditional with the Khalil Mamoon Long Handle Hose and all the standard equipment that comes with a Khalil Mamoon from SouthSmoke.com. The only piece we swapped out was the clay bowl.

We switched to the Large Vapor Premium Clay bowl because we love the consistency it offers when it comes to sizing. There are no worries as to the diameter, depth, as well as no chips or cracks that are commonplace in traditional clay bowls. We capped the bowl with Vapor Pre Punched Foil and topped it off with Charco Flare Coconut coal Flats.

Al-Waha Tobacco Libella Swing Packing Tips

For this flavored shisha, pack it like you would Al-Fakher, so you want to have a nice fluff pack that is slightly below the rim of the bowl. We started off with three coals, then, after the Hookah warmed up, we took one of the coals off. This is completely personal preference, but using the Charco Flare Flats offers the ability to manage your heat much better than a cube.

The shisha itself is nice and moist but not too juicy, which makes it easier to sprinkle into your bowl for a nice fluff pack. Since it is already cut into a medium fine cut you don’t have to worry about shredding your shisha before using it for your session.

Libella Swing Taste

The first flavor you will notice is a sweet almost bubble gum flavor from the pink guava with hints of orange, followed by a nice natural mint after taste. The flavors complement each other and the mint brings them together nicely. The honey in the shisha makes the smoke smooth and produces nice thick clouds. The flavor stays consistent throughout the smoking session and will leave you wanting more!

Thankfully SouthSmoke.com has Al-Waha available in the 50g sample pack, as well as 200g jar and 1 kilo tub! It is definitely a must try if you want something that is smooth, slightly sweet, and seriously delicious!

Al-Waha Elite Edition is the next big thing!

Al-Waha Elite Edition: Premium Flavors

Al-Waha Tobacco Available in a Variety of Flavors

With a rich history, and even richer flavors, Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco is now available here at SouthSmoke.com!

Al-Waha has been innovating the hookah tobacco industry for decades, and now it is once again available here in the U.S.! One thing that sets this shisha apart from the rest is the honey that is used for your smoking pleasure, instead of a molasses base. The premium French tobacco leaves and the huge variety of flavors make this shisha truly one of a kind. The honey makes the smoke smooth and produces a nice thick cloud that is desired by even the newest smoking enthusiasts.  There is a wide variety of amazing flavor choices give you so many options for your smoking sessions!

We offer 30 flavors in 50 g sample packs so you can see what flavors you like best without breaking the bank! When you find the perfect flavor, or flavors, we also offer 30 flavors in 200 g containers or, for the dedicated hookah enthusiasts, we also offer 30 flavors in 1 kilo tubs for your convenience!

To the more experienced hookah enthusiasts, Al-Waha is a well known brand for the high quality nargile they offer. With these great flavors and even better prices, you will be buying kilos in no time!

Al-Waha Flavor List –

• After Nine (Chocolate Mint)
• Arctic Blueberry (Cool Blueberry)
• Arctic Cherry (Cool Cherry)
• Arctic Melon (Cool Honeydew and Juicy Watermelon Mix)
• Arctic Peach (Cool Peach)
• Blueberry Banana
• Blueberry Guava
• Cali Twist (Cherry, Pineapple, Orange Mix)
• Chai Latte
• Cinnamon Gum
• Double Apple
• Grape
• Gum Mint
• Hot N Cold (Cool Menthol Blueberry Mix)
• Ice Cream (Neapolitan Style)
• Icy Mango Tango
• Lemon Mint
• Libella Swing (Sweet Orange, Pink Guava, Mint Leaves Mix)
• Magic Touch (Mint, Lime, Blueberry Mix)
• Mango Lemonade
• Melon (Honeydew)
• Melon Berry
• Mint
• One Day (Lime, Mint, Creamy Chocolate)
• Orange
• Orange Mint
• Pan Rasna (Floral, Clove, and Other Indian Spices)
• Summer Air (Lemon, Passion Fruit Mix)
• Sweet Shock (Watermelon, Passion Fruit Mix)
• Watermelon

Which Aluminum Hookah Foil Is For Me?

hookah foils reviews

Hookah Foil Reviews

SouthSmoke.com is your Hookah Foil headquarters and our vast selection of over 3500 hookah products demonstrates why we are the #1 online Hookah provider worldwide. Whether you’re smoking Al-Fakher, Starbuzz, Haze, Trifecta, Fumari, or Al-Waha Elite Edition, there is one thing in common that you will need to enjoy your favorite shisha…..Aluminum Hookah Foil!

Aluminum Hookah Foil is very convenient as it comes pre-cut so that you don’t need to deal with annoying household aluminum foils that are too large, not the right thickness, and not the right foil formula for smoking.

SouthSmoke.com even offers pre-punched aluminum hookah foils so that you may enjoy smoking even faster without having to worry about poking holes in the foil.

Let’s review the different aluminum hookah foil options available at SouthSmoke.com for your smoking convenience:pre cut Hookah Foil

Aluminum Hookah Foil

This Hookah foil is pre-cut but does not contain holes in the hookah foil. The foil sheets are round shaped and fit perfectly over most hookah bowls in the market. This pre-cut Hookah Foil is made specifically for Hookah smokers looking to poke their own holes in the Hookah Foil. The diameter of this foil is approximately 4 ¾” and comes with 100 precut foil pieces.

To complement this Aluminum Hookah Foil, we offer the Hookah Foil Puncher as well as the Fumari Hookah Foil Poker so that the Hookah smoker may use these tools instead of a fork or knife to poke the appropriate amount of holes in the Hookah Foil.

Precut prepunched hookah foil

Pre Punched Aluminum Hookah Foil

This Hookah foil product is precut and pre punched so that you don’t have to worry about poking holes in the foil. The foil sheets are still round in shape and fit perfectly over most hookah bowls in the market. This precut and pre-punched Hookah foil is also made specifically for Hookah smokers and also enhanced for those looking to have the holes already poked in the Hookah Foil. The diameter of this foil is approximately 4 ¾” to 5 ½” and comes with 100 precut and pre punched foil pieces.

Prepunched hookah foil on a roll

Pre Punched Aluminum Hookah Foil Roll

This Hookah foil product comes on a roll and each foil piece offers a perforated appeal that is precut and pre punched so that you don’t have to worry about poking holes in the foil. The foil roll offers square shaped hookah foil sheets that fit perfectly over most hookah bowls in the market. This Hookah foil is also made specifically for Hookah smokers but enhanced for those looking to pull their own foil sheets off the roll when necessary. The diameter of this foil is approximately 5” to 5 ½” pr sheet and comes with 178 Precut and Pre Punched Pieces per roll.


Remember, Hookah Foil is the main event when it comes to Hookah smoking and will always be the preferred method of heat management when smoking the Hookah! Enjoy and thanks for choosing SouthSmoke.com!

Choose Charco Flare Charcoal And Understand The Many Hookah Coal Products They Offer

Charco Flare Coconut Hookah Coals

Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal Options

With so many coconut hookah coal brands on the market, which one is ideal and offers consistent quality, price, and a vast selection of flats, cubes, and quarter circle shaped coals. Well, there is one brand that fits the bill and SouthSmoke.com proudly presents the entire line of Charco Flare Coconut Hookah Coals! Listed below are the different options and sizes for each coal product by Charco Flare:

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal in the Quarter Circle version

Charco Flare is the first Coconut Coal manufacturer to produce coconut coals in a quarter circle size. The reason for this is because the quarter circle cut coals fit perfectly into the Kaloud Lotus and other popular heat management devices in the market. No more need to use cubes or flats when using a heat management system as Charco Flare has you covered. Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals in the quarter circle version are available in a 16 piece box and 112 piece box.

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal in the Cube version

Charco Flare is famous for the variety of cube shaped coconut hookah coals that are available. Cube shaped coals are perfect for Hookah lounges and those wanting to have a perfect smoking experience. The Charco Flare cube is a perfect 25mm cube and works perfectly. Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals in the cube version is available in the 12 piece box, 72 piece box (1kg), 144 piece box (2kg), and 720 piece lounge box (10kg).

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal in the Flat version

Charco Flare offers a flat version shaped hookah coal but just in one unique package offering. Flat shaped coals are great for Hookah smokers looking to experience a perfect smoking experience. While you may have hookah smokers that enjoy cube coconut coals, others do enjoy flat rectangle coconut hookah coals. Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals in the flat rectangle version is available in a 108 piece box.

Next time you’re in the market for Hookah Coals, check out the large variety of Charco Flare Coconut Hookah Coals that are available at SouthSmoke.com!