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On Your Mark, Get Set, and Smoke! With Fantasia’s Formula Series!

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Formula Series Flavors

Product Spotlight – Fantasia Tobacco Formula Series

Fantasia Tobacco is back at it again with the introduction of the Fantasia Formula Series available in eight unique and exotic flavors: F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, and F8. With new regulations throughout the world, it is quite possible that flavor names may be replaced with numbers or codes such as what Fantasia has done here…we will just have to wait and see.

Fantasia describes their formula series as follows: The Fantasia Formula Series redefines quality in the industry. A special barrel aged golden blonde leaf, fine cut, with premium flavors, guarantees an experience far superior to its competitors. The signature carbon fiber accents, immediately distinguish the Fantasia Formula Series from other Shisha products in the market, to help you quickly identify this premium brand.

Fantasia Formula Series Tobacco is ideal for hookah smokers looking to experience a strong and flavorful smoke while enjoying flavors only offered in the US market.

Let’s quickly review the type of flavor blend that represents each of the eight formula series flavors:

  • F1 – Blueberry Mix
  • F2 – Orange Cherry
  • F3 – Strawberry Bubble Gum
  • F4 – Spearmint
  • F5 – Pineapple Blend
  • F6 – Honeydew Melon Bubble Gum
  • F7 – Sweet Creamy Peppermint
  • F8 – Pina Colada Mix

Now don’t those formula flavors sound amazing! Right now, Fantasia has only produced the Formula Series in the 250g size and each flavor comes with some mouthpieces and a mini box of Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal.

Fantasia Formula Series is available online at SouthSmoke.com for your smoking pleasure. Next time you’re in the mood to watch your favorite races on TV, pack a bowl of the Fantasia Formula Series and smoke your way to the finish line!

Experience the 1st Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco In the Hookah Industry!

Fantasia Castros Cuban Dark Leaf shisha tobacco

Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Tobacco Blend

With Cuban and US relations getting back to normal, Fantasia Tobacco has been hard at work cooking up their new line of Dark Leaf Tobacco. Fantasia Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf shisha Blend is a hand crafted Cuban dark leaf tobacco that sets itself apart from the rest.

This unique blend of Cuban tobacco is exclusive to the Fantasia product family. Slowly aged in proprietary designed barrels, the rich flavors of Castro’s blend are marinated to provide a rich smoke for those bold enough to handle.

Fantasia Castro’s Cuban Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco Blend is the right choice for those looking for a reasonably priced brand that offers a strong and flavorful smoke while enjoying flavors only offered in the US market.

Castros Cuba Dark Leaf Tobacco Fantasia

Castro’s Cuban Shisha Flavors

Fantasia Castro’s Blend is available for order online at SouthSmoke.com in the 100g pouches in these six flavors:

  • Black Ice
  • Cana De Menta (Cane Mint)
  • Cuban Mojito
  • Dulce and Habana
  • Havana Sunrise
  • Mango Lassi

Next time you’re in the mood for a rich Dark Leaf smoke, check out Fantasia Castro’s Blend!

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco: Morning Glory Flavor Review

Trifecta Tobacco Morning Glory Flavor Review coffee cup

Trifecta Flavor Review

With age comes a love of coffee for many of us. Whether it is coffee, java, cappuccino, espresso, or whatever you call it and however you prepare it, many of us find it an essential part of our day. It is kind of funny when you think about it, it is a lot like hookah. There are countless ways to prepare it and more flavors than one person can imagine. There is also that never ending goal to achieve the perfect cup. It is only fitting to combine the two, coffee and shisha!

Morning Glory flavor by Trifecta is just that, the perfect morning shisha or after dinner dessert. The flavor profiles in this shisha are bar-none the best in its league.

Coffee Flavor Shisha

We loaded this up in our Vapor Utopia bowl with a semi-dense to dense pack and placed this crown on our trusty office Khalil Mamoon Monarch. Load up 2-3 of your favorite coconut coals and let her rip (we used Haze coconut coals)! Just adjust from 2-3 coals to achieve your desired liking and let the amazing clouds roll, and believe us, they will. The coffee, spices, and chocolate flavors will have you so hypnotized with amazingness that you might forget that you need to go to work!

Trifecta Dark Leaf Flavored Tobacco

We suggest resisting the urge to call in sick so you can keep smoking Morning Glory, the real world needs you and you can always pack another bowl for dessert after dinner!

It’s been said that using a heat management device will bring out more of the shisha’s flavor so if you have one, pack it up and give it a shot. Foil or HMD, you will not be disappointed with this flavor from Trifecta and we think it is a pretty safe bet that when you get a 250g jar from SouthSmoke.com, you better have a second order on the way as it will be gone before you know it.

Trifecta Dark Blend Tobacco Is Here

Trifecta Dark Blend Hookah TobaccoTrifecta hookah tobacco is taking the hookah industry by storm.

We have watched it slowly roll into the dark leaf tobacco world like a thunderstorm. You can see it coming from a distance but when its here, its here and you know it! The only difference is that it seems to be here to stay.

To put things into perspective, Trifecta is like a craft brewery. They create their hookah tobacco in small batches and have no intentions of changing. They do this to insure their attention to detail and devotion to a quality product stay true and unadulterated. This dedication to quality and not to making as much money as possible is a testament to Trifecta’s love of providing a truly unique shisha for the hookah community. Trifecta is crafted in the far off state of Washington by a band of skilled artisans.
This dark leaf French cut Virginia tobacco is unwashed, meaning care is taken to keep as much of the nicotine content present throughout the process. For the smoker this means more buzz and the dark leaf tobacco provides more of a robust tobacco flavor that can be tasted alongside the added flavor. This additional tobacco flavor is something that tends to be sought after by experienced smokers.

Trifecta Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta is known to have some of the most authentic and true flavors out right now. Care is taken to keep the tobacco leaf as unadulterated as possible from the time it is picked to the time it is packed in jars. This type of shisha production is an ancient process but has slowly made a comeback in the US market as hookah connoisseurs are looking for something different or something more out of their shisha after smoking the mainstream brands for years. With a short flavor list, they are able to focus on those few flavors and make them as great as they can be.

So when you are ready to step up your hookah game to a dark leaf shisha, Trifecta is the brand to remember. Whether Trifecta is the first dark leaf shisha you try or the last, it will become your go-to high nicotine full bodied brand of choice!

Calling All Fumari Shisha Lovers, The 1kg Brick Is Now Available For Order!

Fumari Tobacco in 1 kg bricks

Fumari Flavored Tobacco

Hey Fumari Shisha Fans, we’ve got some very exciting news for you. SouthSmoke.com proudly now stocks the complete line of Fumari Shisha in the 1kg (1000g) size! For those smokers that can’t get enough Fumari, the 1kg size will keep you stocked to offer between 40 and 60 bowls depending on the hookah bowl and packing method that you use.

Fumari Shisha is a premium USA brand of Hookah Tobacco that is available in over 30 flavors. Each 1kg brick is packaged upon order to ensure guaranteed freshness while maintaining a strong and flavorful smoke.

Fumari Flavored Hookah Shisha 1k pounch

Now, why do we call it a Fumari brick?

We’ll this is the name that Fumari Tobacco came up with many years ago as the 1kg pouch that they use to pack the Fumari flavors into ends up looking like a brick, and that is how the name evolved.

Why order Fumari in the 1kg size?

We’ll, it’s the perfect size to stock up on your favorite shisha flavors from Fumari while saving on expense. As always, SouthSmoke.com offers the lowest prices available on Fumari Tobacco products and will price match any valid price match guarantee offer consistent with our online policies that may come our way.

Clay Hookah Bowl

Fumari Hookah Flavors can be packaged in one of our Utopia Hookah Bowls or Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Premium Clay Egyptian Bowls for your enjoyment! If you purchase one Fumari 1kg Brick you’ll already be eligible for a free Utopia Hookah Bowl if you’re located within the 48 contiguous United States! Wow, what a deal! Just make sure to follow the promotion directions listed on SouthSmoke.com so that your promo may be added to your order.

Fumari Shisha Flavor List

Let’s run down the list of Fumari flavors one more time for your enjoyment and we’ve gone ahead and highlighted the flavors that are most popular:

  • Ambrosia (Popular)
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry Muffin (Extremely Popular)
  • Citrus Mint
  • Citrus Tea
  • Fakhfakhina
  • French Vanilla
  • Granny Smith
  • Guava
  • Island Papaya (Popular)
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Mint (Popular)
  • Limoncello (Newer flavor but popular)
  • Mandarin Zest (Popular)
  • Mimosa (Popular)
  • Mint
  • Mint Chocolate Chill (Extremely Popular)
  • Nectarine
  • Orange Cream
  • Passion Fruit
  • Prickly Pear (Extremely Popular)
  • Red Gummi Bear (Extremely Popular)
  • Spiced Chai (Extremely Popular)
  • Tangelo (Newer flavor but popular)
  • Tropical Mango
  • Tropical Punch
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Watermelon
  • White Grape
  • White Gummi Bear (Extremely Popular)
  • White Peach

Now that we’ve touched on the complete line of Fumari, go ahead and indulge your taste buds in some of Fumari’s best shisha tobacco flavors and don’t forget that we also offer Fumari in the 100g size if you’re still sampling their flavors or don’t want to invest a whole lot into the product.

Thanks so much for making SouthSmoke.com the #1 online hookah company for over 14 years! Enjoy!

Tangiers: Static Starlight Review

Tangiers Shisha: Burley Line

Tangiers Burley Shisha Tobacco

Today we decided to review Tangiers Static Starlight. We went with the Tangiers Burley Line of Hookah Tobacco for this flavor today because we felt like we needed that extra kick. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Tangiers, the Burley Line, as the name suggests, is their most robust tobacco line with very high nicotine content that is not intended for the beginner smoker or the faint of heart.

Utopia Hookah Bowls multicolor selection
We set up our trusty Khalil Mamoon Indian Oxidized with our favorite Vapor Utopia Phunnel Bowl. We used foil instead of a heat management device and ended up with three Haze Coconut coals sitting pretty to top it off. We acclimated the shisha to Tangiers’ specifications.

Opening the package we were greeted with a great grape scent accented by a light floral scent as well. We packed the Utopia bowl semi dense to dense and sat back to relax. Static Starlight was true to its scent, a great grape flavor with floral notes that weren’t too strong and didn’t take over the flavor palette.

Now it was cooler here than usual so we also received those hints of citrus or lemon that came through. This was a great added touch as many will tell you they don’t receive that lemon flavor, especially in warmer climates so we were quite pleased with the extra gift!

Just as Tangiers warns, the Burley Line lives up to it’s name. This unwashed, untreated tobacco will rock your world with its nicotine levels and buzz inducing qualities.
So if your tired of the same old flavors that you smoke or you have lost that buzz when smoking your favorite brand, give Tangiers a try! If you are feeling extra froggy, go for the Burley Line of tobacco. As the saying goes, Go Big or Go Home!

Deja What? I said Deja Dew – Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha!

Deja Dew Trifecta Dark Shisha

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha is hitting the Hookah scene by storm!

While there are so many popular flavors to choose from, today we’re going to review Deja Dew. Trifecta Dark Blend’s Deja Dew is a play on one of the soft drinks in the market that has a lemon and lime flavor mix. Deja Dew is a bit stronger on the lime side and has a very nice sugary flavor with a sour flavor in the background. There is also a hint of Orange flavor as well which gives a nice citrus flavor mix.  On the inhale, you’re going to get a nice strong lemon lime flavor mix and on the exhale you’ll probably experience a bit of orange flavor.

Deja Dew is great to be used with a Heat Management Device such as the Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System. This all in one combination bowl and heat management system really brings out the flavor and gives the flavor of a sugary feel.

If you’re looking for the flavor to be less sweet, we recommend using Vapor Hookahs Pre-punched Aluminum Hookah Foil or if you prefer to poke your own holes in the foil, then use the Vapor Hookahs Aluminum Hookah Foil. We carry a lot of great Hookah Foil Pokers to choose from. Check out the Fumari Hookah Foil Poker or the Vapor Hookahs Hookah Foil Puncher for the perfect smoking session.

If you’re looking for a really clean and enjoyable smoking session, also be sure to check out the Disposable Fancy Hose or Clear Hose which are both available on our online hookah store.

Deja Dew may smoke a little warm to some so if your Deja Dew experience gives you a warm throat experience, go ahead and add a hint of mint into the mix and this should help to cool your smoking session. Mint is a great mixer and a little bit of Deja Dew’s Death by Ice or Haze Tobacco brand’s Ultimint will do the trick.

Remember to do the Dew with Trifecta Dark Blend’s Deja Dew, available exclusively at SouthSmoke.com.

Back to College We Go!

Hookah Lover Back To College Ideas

Head Back to School With Your Hookah

All across the country young adults are headed to institutions of higher learning. Some are headed out into the real world for the first time and many more are back at it for the second, third, or fourth year. Besides furthering education, you also further your social skills and learn a great deal about how to interact with others and society.

It is inevitable that college students will gather in groups to socialize and the majority of the time, there will be a hookah around. After all, that is what hookah is all about!

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Now a days, it’s tough to find a college town that doesn’t have a hookah lounge or smoke shop, but going to the lounge all the time on a college student budget doesn’t really equate most of the time. This leads us into our one question test: What should you do then? Option A (the correct choice) is head over to our online hookah store and check out the great deals we have to offer. See, our tests are the easiest and we even give the answers because we like you.

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How to Safely Store Your Hookah At College

One of the main things to consider when purchasing your very own hookah while at college is storage. There is no need to bring unwanted attention from your RA or sticky fingers in the dorm.Khalil Mamoon Safari Hookah

Khalil Mamoon has two great options for hookahs that are small enough to store away when not in use but also produce excellent smoke quality.

The KM Safari is the smallest model that checks in at 22″ and is great for a small budget. You get the quality of KM and the size of a shorter Chinese hookah. The sessions you get with this model will be incomparable to Chinese hookahs but is easily storable and portable. Take it to your favorite session spot and meet up with all the buddies!


The next step up is the KM Plus. This model stands at 29″ tall and is at the shorter end of the full sized Khalil Mamoon spectrum. Both are great models for college life and will withstand the abuse of a group smoke with the buddies.

Here at SouthSmoke.com we don’t believe being on a small budget because of college should rob you of your ability to smoke with a quality hookah. So between classes, swing over to SouthSmoke.com, all your hookah smoking friends will wonder how you got a great hookah on a budget of nothing!

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco Has Arrived

Tangiers Shisha Available

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

We are ecstatic and proud to announce we now offer Tangiers Shisha in our hookah store! We have been working for a long time to be able to offer Tangiers consistently like our other brands. As Tangiers smokers know, this can be a hard brand to find at times, and for a good reason. But this does not sit well with us here at SouthSmoke.com and we pride ourselves in being fully stocked of anything we offer.

Tangiers shishas have what can only be described as a cult like following. Tangiers smokers are some of the most brand loyal customers, they will search far and wide to get their flavors and wait for it if need be. No other shisha brand out there has customers pre-ordering shisha at their local shops, and that says a lot!

Why does Tangiers Shisha have the cult like following? Tangiers uses only raw American tobacco leaves that they leave in a long cut and do absolutely no treating or altering. This translates into a bold full bodied shisha that is not intended for beginner smokers. The buzz inducing qualities of this hookah tobacco are unrivaled, even with all the new brands popping up.

Tangiers Shisha Flavors

We know that Tangiers can be hard to come by at times. Well, this is for a respectable reason. Tangiers produces small batches, so small, that they only have one flavor in production on any given day. This extreme attention to detail is unheard of in this hookah industry. Tangiers has held true to quality being their main priority when most main stream shisha brands try to pump out as much as possible.  You know that if they are only producing one flavor of shisha per day, they are putting everything they have in to it, and it shows.

Tangiers shisha keeps a smaller flavor list that they offer in four lines; Noir, F-Line, Birquq, and Burley. We will detail each line in separate blogs but until then hit the reviews and forums.

If you are looking to step up your game or find a new place to get your Tangiers Shisha, check out our online hookah store to see what flavors are in stock!

Tangiers Noir Line Has Arrived

Tangiers Shisha Noir

Tangiers Shisha: Noir

Tangiers Noir Shisha is the line that started it all, affectionately known as OG. In French, Noir means dark or black. This is exactly what you will get with Tangiers and nothing less. The dark American hookah tobacco that is used is meticulously prepared in a multi-step process that gains all of its success from the idea that less is more. The Tangiers Noir hookah tobacco is not washed, treated, or altered in any way leaving huge amounts of nicotine that other shisha manufacturers simply wash away.

Tangier Noir Flavors

SouthSmoke.com is offering Tangiers Noir Line in the 250g size and all popular flavors. Because of the unique manufacturing process that Tangiers uses, not all flavors are in stock at the same time so check back often to see what’s in. Don’t let this hinder your smoking though, instead broaden your horizons and pick up a flavor that is in stock and try something new.  Some popular flavors to try in the Noir Line are Cane Mint, Kashmir Peach, Static Starlight, Fresh Lime, Peach Iced Tea, and Sevilla Orange.

How To Use Tangiers Shisha Noir

Noir does require some special conditioning that you are probably not used to. Tangiers loves their followers so much that they put the conditioning instructions on every pouch. Who else does that? They recommend that you remove the shisha from the pouch and keep in a shallow air-tight container making sure to not discard any of the juices with the pouch.

Like a fine wine, let the shisha that you intend to use for your session come in contact with the air for a few hours before smoking. When removing the tobacco from the tub make sure not to just scrape the top layer of shisha, but to dig down into it. Lastly, they recommend packing your bowl as densely as the shisha is packed in the pouch and don’t use a lot of heat when smoking Tangiers.