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Tangiers Orange Soda

Tangiers shisha has something for everyone as they produce multiple lines of flavored hookah tobacco that all have different characteristics. The Noir line for example is noted for its high nicotine content due to its unwashed nature. The Birquq line is a lighter leaf tobacco and the Lucid line is a washed version of the Noir. They also have the Burley line that has the strongest buzz and even an F-Line that is the only caffeinated hookah tobacco on the market. Talk about variety!
The Orange Soda flavor in particular is a fan favorite and for good reason. It is arguably one of the best orange flavors on the market. It smells and tastes just as you would expect which is something similar to Crush soda but somehow managed to do so without tasting artificial in any way shape or form. It has a creamy undertone reminiscent of a Creamsicle type flavor but not nearly as sweet. It’s fairly juicy and extremely delicious as well as being a nice substitute for those of us who don’t drink soda very often.
The tobacco itself is handmade at the Odyssey Lounge in Southern California using all natural ingredients and tobacco grown in the United States. It is a very dark colored shisha being predominantly black and can last for very long time if packed and managed properly. A lot of enthusiasts agree that this particular brand is best packed dense and it helps to give it a good mix up before packing it into your bowl. Tangiers may need a little more TLC than other brands on the market but it is well worth it considering the longevity of the sessions you get. Just remember, it doesn’t need as much heat as other brands so take it back a notch when heating things up and make sure there is plenty of airflow to maximize your session and you will be in for a treat.

Khalil Mamoon Shisha

Since its inception in 1873, Khalil Mamoon has been a staple brand in the world of hookah. They have made a name for themselves by providing handmade hookahs made right in the heart of Egypt that look like beautiful works of art and smoke like a dream to hookah lovers all over the world. Over the years, hookah enthusiasts have revered these shisha pipes because the quality and craftsmanship is in a league of its own but dominating the world of hookahs just wasn’t enough for this exquisite brand and so they went on to develop their own line of shisha.

As to be expected from such a brand as Khalil Mamoon, their flavored tobacco is packaged in a classy tin with earthy colors and adorned with golden accents. The tobacco itself is double bagged inside the tin which is great because it is super sticky from the honey. There is no dye used so the color is still the shade of natural Virginia leaf tobacco and it consists of leaves that vary in size from large to small. You may have to pluck out some stems and cut a few leaves but there isn’t really an overabundance of these types of imperfections.

Now, what can you expect from your sessions with this shisha? The potency of the scent differs from flavor to flavor depending on which one you choose as some are meant to be very subtle. One thing is always consistent though and that is cloud output. With the proper heat management this brand of shisha produces thick and massive clouds and keeps its flavor going strong throughout the session. It doesn’t provide a huge buzz but it makes up for it with unique flavors made from exotic ingredients procured from all over the world. Now, whatever your hookah needs turn out to be, Khalil Mamoon has got you covered!

Apples: Innovators of Science and Hookahs

Apple on Top Bowl Review

When getting your set up ready, one of the most important factors is bowl choice. Naturally, I have a variety of bowls depending on the situation; what brand of shisha I am using, how many people are partaking, and how long of a session I plan on having are all factors to be considered among others when making the final choice. Recently I am finding that one bowl in particular keeps showing up more and more in my rotation; that bowl is the Apple on Top Hookah Bowl.

Apple on Top Bowl

This neat little bowl design keeps grabbing my attention for many reasons but most of the time it is when I have a big group of friends congregating around my hookah station. It has a super deep recess that holds 30g of flavored tobacco easy if not more which is perfect for a big group get together. It is covered in a silicone grip so it can be touched and changed without fear of burning yourself. It is designed in a vortex-style so you can smoke whatever type of tobacco you favor and on top of that, the setup is quick and simple. There is no foil necessary and it is very easy to clean.

One of the coolest features is the built in rotating coal screen that lets you manage your heat quick and easy without the need for tongs. The bowl is made of aluminum and overall the design is very difficult to break so you will most likely never need to replace it. Sure the price is higher than your average bowl but it also comes with everything and the kitchen sink so it is well worth it. All in All, the Apple on Top bowl is truly innovative. I doubt even Sir Isaac Newton could have seen this one coming!

I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Muffin Hill

July is here and fireworks are in the air! But it isn’t just Independence Day that has a place for celebration during this hot summer month. July is also – drum roll please – National blueberry month in America with the eleventh being blueberry muffin day specifically. To pay homage to this wonderful fruit that is at the heart of America’s favorite muffin we packed our hookah with Fumari’s Blueberry muffin shisha and reveled in that smoky dessert.

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It is no secret that Fumari has some mouthwatering shisha flavors and when it comes to their blueberry muffin they hit the nail right on the head. As soon as you open their signature pouch there is no contesting it. They don’t even have to put the name on it for you to know what it is; it smells exactly as it should. You smell the blueberries right off the bat and they are backed up by a sort of vanilla batter scent bringing up the end notes. The cut is the typical medium cut we know them for and is plenty juicy!

As far as the taste goes, it tastes exactly how it smells – like a blueberry muffin. It is absolutely delicious though a little on the sweet side so if you are looking for a flavor that is geared more towards the fruit and not the dessert this isn’t for you. That being said, they succeeded where many other have failed by producing a blueberry dessert flavor that doesn’t taste candied in any way but also doesn’t harbor any of the residual sourness the natural fruit can contain. And of course, if blueberry isn’t your jam, there are a wide variety of delicious hookah tobacco flavors to choose from at SouthSmoke.com. Shop all Flavored Hookah Tobacco here, and while you’re at it, browse SouthSmoke’s collection of quality hookahs and accessories.

The clouds are as massive as to be expected from Fumari and the session will always end too soon with this little delicacy in your bowl. Blueberry Muffin is available in 100g and 1kg sizes – this flavor is just one more example of how Fumari is always “strikingly fresh” and absolutely delicious!

Ugly Hookah Tobacco – Sergeant Huckleberry – Review

Sgt Huckleberry Ugly Tobacco

Ugly – Sergeant Huckleberry

This is Sergeant Huckleberry. As of 0800, it is replacing what you are smoking now as your new favorite shisha flavor. One hit of this mouthwatering flavor and you will be all over it like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm. Hopefully someone gets the shameless Major Payne reference but all kidding aside, this flavor from Ugly tobacco is berry good – er – I mean very good.

It isn’t easy hitting that sour note in shisha; many have tried but few have prevailed. Now we can add Sergeant Huckleberry to that short list of success stories and it is just one more reason why Ugly never tasted so good!

When you first open it, the smell of this flavored hookah tobacco is slightly sour with a clearly defined berry foundation that encompasses most of the scent profile. I am sure not everybody has actually had the opportunity to taste a real huckleberry so for those of you who have not, you can take my word for it, the smell is on point and the taste is exactly what it should be.

The cut is what we have come to expect from good ol’ Ugly; a medium chopped blonde leaf with a strong honey base that brings the flavor just as much as the buzz. Initially the taste is quite tangy with a blast of berry that is just sour enough to make your mouth water but not so overwhelming that you feel the need to pucker your lips. Eventually, as the session progresses, the sour taste mellows out and winds down with you as you finish your bowl. First it is sour and then it is sweet; one thing is for sure, the whole time it is absolutely delicious!

But don’t take my word for it, visit SouthSmoke.com today and try it out for yourself!

New Mobile Site Launching Tuesday 6-27-2017

South Smoke Logo

Have you ever been hanging out with a fellow hookah enthusiast or lounging about in a hookah bar and come across a particular flavor of shisha or brand of hookah coal that you just HAVE to add to your collection? At SouthSmoke.com you can do just that! We are proud to announce a long awaited update to our mobile e-commerce site. Now you can browse and purchase all your hookah needs right from your phone or tablet with ease! SouthSmoke.com is your one stop shop for everything hookah.

You can browse our extensive collection of all things hookah including stems, vases, and complete hookahs by category of brand, size, style – you name it – to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for in no time flat! Same goes for our wide variety of flavored tobacco brands and every accessory you can think of as well as coals, herbal shisha, electronic hookahs, and more.

The mobile site is completely revamped to make your browsing and shopping experience top notch.

And that’s not all! Join our rewards program and get more bang for your buck. At SouthSmoke.com you can brush up on hookah tips and tricks or visit our Hookah 101 smoking guide to become a hookah guru. Are you already a hookah guru? Then make a purchase and submit five tricks of your own and get a chance to win some awesome prices in our monthly contest!

Browse our available coupons and discounts and add them right to your cart as you shop. Read our blog to keep up with new flavor releases and other hot hookah topics or find a hookah bar near you from our bar directory complete with pricing, features, and customer reviews. If you have a question for us, visit the support page for detailed information on shipping, returns, and policies or simply contact us directly. Send us your feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Who’s Bringing the Heat!?

coconut coals bringing the heat

Coco Nara and Charco Flare: Crazy over Coconut Coals!

In the world of modern hookah, it has become the norm to see companies selling natural coals made from coconut husks. Why? – These non-quick lighting coconut coals last longer, are naturally made, pack a lot of heat for a little package, and are generally better tasting or even preferably tasteless compared to their quick lighting coal counter parts.

Now, don’t get me wrong, quick light is super convenient, especially on the go! You can use a torch lighter to get them going and it makes switching out the coals for long sessions that much easier – which you will be thankful for since you will be changing them out almost twice as often as the naturals – also, they tend to be ashy and can compromise the flavor of your shisha.

Natural coals don’t use any accelerants so they don’t burn out as fast and end up saving you some dough in the long run as they can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes per coal. The downside is you need a heating element and about 5-10 minutes to spare to get them nice and fired up but you will be rewarded for your time with a less messy and more satisfying session.

There are many brands on the market to choose from and picking the right coals is in some regards paramount to your entire smoking experience, so we decided to go ahead and recommend a brand or two.

Coconut Coals

Probably the most well-known brand is Coco Nara. They had a stake in the process that started the conversion to coconut husks in the first place so they have been with the program since its inception. The Coco Nara coals have little to no flavor or smell and produce very little mess while lasting well over an hour. The heat tends to be evenly distributed and stays consistent so long as you don’t rush the heating process and make sure they are nice and hot before attempting to use them.

There is another brand that is also wildly popular for a truly unique design and they are Charco Flare. Charco Flare offers a specifically designed coal for popular heat management devices, this is the quarter circle type. They can be bought in a quarter circle size which allows four pieces to form a complete circle and fit nice and snug inside your HMD but I’ve come to think that three is plenty.

Like Coco Nara, the Charco Flare has very little odor and doesn’t alter the taste of your shisha and also requires a burner to light properly. It lasts easily an hour and produces lots of heat for lots of clouds leaving very little mess in its aftermath. Charco Flare also offers flats and large cubes. They have something for everyone!

But don’t take our word for it, shop SouthSmoke.com and try them for yourself.

Come see why we are crazy about coconut coals!

Get Your Mojito Mojo Going

Fumari - Mojito Mojo

Fumari – Mojito Mojo

Making the perfect Mojito is a labor of love. It takes craftsmanship and precision to crush the lime just enough while not pulverizing the mint leaf while adding the perfect balance of sugar as to not make it too sweet. It takes time and patience – so much time and patience in fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a bar willing to make one that is not already suspiciously “out of mint,” even if last call is hours on the horizon. The scarcity of this ever so popular drink is soul crushing for all of us mint fanatics — as well as all of us who just obsess over anything to do with James Bond. Well, now we can rest easy because for anyone who is in love with this sweet and tangy drink but is circumspect about the prospect of preparing one, Fumari hookah tobacco has done the work for you.

Introducing Mojito Mojo flavor of hookah tobacco by Fumari! The expert shisha crafters of this delicious brand have done it again. They married zesty lime with cooling mint and believe me when I say it is an everlasting love! This flavored tobacco has it all; it is a little bit citrus and a little bit sweet with just enough mint to bring a chill but not overpower the other flavor profiles that are present.

Fumari gives you the power to bring the bar experience home and avoid all those reluctant glares you get from bartenders across the globe when you utter those three dreaded syllables “mo-ji-to.” So sit back and enjoy these hot and humid days with your favorite hookah and Fumari’s Mojito Mojo.

Visit SouthSmoke.com now to pick up this hot off the press flavor along with any of the other flavors offered by Fumari. Summer just got its mojo back baby, YEAH!

After Supper Shisha – Al Waha’s After Nine

Al-Waha Tobacco After Nine Flavor

Al-Waha After Nine – Chocolate and Mint Collide

I am confident that everyone has heard the idiom, “Money can’t buy happiness.” One thing is for sure, you never hear that said about chocolate; and you certainly never will! Eating chocolate floods your brain with copious amounts of dopamine and raises you up to a proverbial cloud nine – or cloud “After Nine”, if you will.

Aside from the fact that chocolate is basically edible happiness, it is also simply delicious and used as a reward or a treat for as long as any of us can remember. So why not treat yourself?

After Nine Hookah Tobacco Flavor Review

Which are you craving? – An after dinner mint or an after dinner dessert – Al-Waha Tobacco says, “Why not have both!” Al-Waha’s tobacco flavor After Nine is a delicious blend of chocolate and mint. It smells like a York Peppermint Pattie which will have you jumping up and down eager to prove what you would do for a taste of that shisha! It hits your tongue like a tasty treat and leaves your mouth watering as you realize you just inhaled an Andie’s Mint Chocolate.

Upon opening, you will notice it is very moist and juicy with chunky leaves and minimal stems. It has a lasting flavor that is heavier on the mint towards the end of the session.

You will get decent clouds that lack a little volume but are still satisfactory while maintaining a slight and subtle buzz that won’t knock you off of your feet as it has a nicotine content of about .05%.

But don’t take our word for it, head over to SouthSmoke.com and try some for yourself.

If you want to mix it up a bit, try adding some vanilla shisha to the mix to give it a more Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavor that can be further amplified by a little vanilla extract in your Hookah water.

There is no doubt that Al Waha’s After Nine shisha will be the perfect punctuation to your night.

Al-Waha California Dream is now Cali Twist

Al Waha Cali Twist Tobacco Splash

California Love – Al-Waha’s Cali Twist

Summer is here in full swing and what better way to battle the heat than with a beautifully crafted Hookah coupled with a refreshing flavored tobacco. Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco’s Cali Twist (formerly known as California Dream) is just the flavor for this occasion.

Al-Waha Cali Twist Flavor Profile

Cali Twist smells like a pack of delicious gummy fruit snacks and tastes like a fruity Popsicle. There are many different flavors packed into this shisha to give it that tropical taste – It has yummy red cherry with refreshing pineapple and sweet oranges to help add some chill to the heat. It is lightly sweet with some tartness and has decent cloud production with a subtle buzz. Believe it when we say that this flavor is a tropical paradise that will make your hookah sing from the sweetness and keep you coming back for more. Add a little orange juice to your hookah water to boost the flavor profile and make Cali Twist even more mouthwatering!

Why Al-Waha?

What makes Al-Waha Flavored Hookah Tobacco stand out from the crowd of other hookah flavors? For starters, no other brand of hookah tobacco offers a better quality smoke for the price than Al-Waha. Some companies want you to pay top dollar, but Al-Waha makes their product affordable for all. The makers of Al-Waha Tobacco know not all hookah smokers can afford all the latest flavors. Those who have to pick and choose their purchases carefully can sometimes miss out.

Does this sound familiar? Then Al-Waha is for you!

Of course, affordability means nothing without a great taste to back it up. And Al-Waha hookah tobacco offers both! A staggering amount of flavors are available and although Al-Waha offers an affordable product, they don’t skimp on quality. Honey, glycerin, and that special Al-Waha molasses are the ingredients that make them awesome and affordable.

Shop SouthSmoke.com now to try Cali Twist and other Al Waha flavors for yourself.