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Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose

Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose
Want to find a new way to beat the heat? Then the Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose has exactly what you need, offering a complete solution as an all in one hookah hookah hose that is more than just cool – it is downright cold. Unlike the original Mya Freeze Hose, this one offers an extra-long screw on handle with three Extra Large Icicle Packs to help chill your smoke even more. This hose itself is easily washable as the inside lining of it is made of a durable leather material. In addition to that, it has an extra wide thickness, allowing for the smoke to pass through easily and effortlessly and did we mention it’s almost 97” in length!

The Mya Extra Long Freeze Hookah Hose is unique as the plastic handle can be unscrewed and three extra-large non-toxic ice packet can be inserted into the handle and then screwed back together to create a cooler smoke. The extra-large non-toxic ice packets act just like ice cubes when frozen, allowing the smoke to cool when passing through the ice chamber. This cooling effect creates one of the smoothest and coldest Hookah smoking experiences available.

It comes as a complete kit including the Extra Long Hose and Three Ice Packets. It isn’t necessary to use all three at once unless you want that arctic experience so the extra ice packets are small and can easily be stored in a freezer without taking up too much room. They last about thirty minutes before you need to change out the icicle inserts and SouthSmoke.com sells an extra Mya Icicles Set that has six more at less than ten dollars for those ever so long lasting sessions! Choose the Freeze, not the frost bite and visit SouthSmoke.com to pick up your Mya Freeze hose today!

Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer

Starbuzz Vintage Root Beer
What’s this – Starbuzz has gone to the dark side and this is definitely the Root Beer flavor we were looking for! Starbuzz Vintage brings us everything we loved about the original Starbuzz with a darker leaf tobacco that comes with an added kick. This particular line of shisha uses dark molasses and is unwashed so it packs more of a punch than its predecessors, but no need to worry, the only thing that will have your head spinning is how spot on this flavor actually is. There’s no better way to say it: the taste is strong with this shisha!

This tobacco is in a package with wood grain effects on the outside giving it a very classy look that suits the name well. Upon opening it, you will be instantly greeted with a scent that is true to form. There is no mistaking the delicious creamy vanilla and caramel-like notes that dance across your senses and leave your mouth watering. Pack it to your preference because this line of flavored tobacco takes heat like a champ and keeps your sessions strong and flavorful. As far as clouds are concerned they are massive; you may want to open a window but only if you are terribly concerned with breathing.

Do be prepared to do some leaf and stem management as the cut can be a little here and there at times but it is well worth it. Finally, I have something to fill the dusty hole in my shisha collection that was once the ever elusive Ololiuqui. If you want to take it up a notch, mix in some Vintage Dark Vanilla and prepare to have your mind blown! August 6th was National Root Beer Float Day so what better way to celebrate this beloved drink than to sit back and pack a bowl with your very own version of a float. Visit SouthSmoke.com to shop 200g tubs of Starbuzz Vintage today.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Mini Hookahs
Khalil Mamoon Hookahs have a large array of colors shapes and sizes. Each one is absolutely breath taking and unique. One thing to keep in mind when buying one of these Hookahs is that they are all hand made so you will never see two Khalil Mamoon Hookahs that look exactly the same. It is worth mentioning that due to the handmade nature of the hookahs some imperfections may be found but they boast true craftsmanship and are all around beautiful Hookahs. Quite a few people believe bigger is better, when it comes to Hookahs though, we like a variety of shapes and sizes. This is one of the many reasons we are thrilled to announce Khalil Mamoon Mini Hookahs are now available here at SouthSmoke.com!

Khalil Mamoon Mini Ceramica Gold is a 21″ single hose Hookah, and it is stunning! The gold shaft is what first catches your attention and the detail they put into the shaft is awe inspiring. This Hookah also comes with a Gold ash catcher, Egyptian grommets, hookah tongs, a mouth tip, and authentic Khalil Mamoon Hose and Vase.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja Silver is a 21″ Single hose Hookah. It has beautiful designs on the shaft that make this hookah a mini work of art. This silver hookah is a great conversation starter and will provide you with entertainment for years to come! This Hookah also comes with a Silver ash catcher, Egyptian grommets, hookah tongs, a mouth tip, and authentic Khalil Mamoon Hose and Vase.

Khalil Mamoon Shisha – Black Orange

Khalil Mamoon Blood Orange Shisha
Good news for any citrus lovers out there, Khalil Mamoon is back at it again bringing us yet another simply sensational shisha! Manufactured in Jordan, Khalil Mamoon’s Black Orange is an interesting twist on your typical orange flavored tobacco. Instead of traditional oranges, they chose to use blood oranges and threw in some blackberry to give it that little bit extra. Blood oranges are most notably famous for their red tinted flesh that harbors a slight berry flavor naturally so the blackberry finds a very comfortable home here.

Upon opening, the most prominent scent is citrus. So strong in fact that the blackberry notes are almost non-existent as far as your nose is concerned. The cut is not overwhelmingly juicy; the honey base they use saturates the shisha without drowning it in a very balanced ratio of liquid to leaf. The flavor itself tastes like summer with a strong and “in your face” blast of orange. Again, the blackberry is very feint but it doesn’t lessen the experience as the blood orange flavor is the crowning jewel of this shisha anyways. The blackberry instead is a nice subtle enhancer that doesn’t steal any focus away from the main flavor profile.

Another noteworthy aspect of Khalil Mamoon shisha is the versatility it has when it comes to heat management as it works well with almost any set up. Blood oranges originated in Sicily and Spain but you don’t have to load up a Gondola just to get your hands on this mouthwatering flavor, just visit SouthSmoke.com to pick up a 100g, 250g, or 1kg container. Not a citrus fan? Don’t worry, SouthSmoke.com carries up to 40 different flavors of Khalil Mamoon Tobacco. Whatever you fancy, Khalil Mamoon has something for every taste bud and every one will leave you wanting more!

Trifecta’s Pearfect Dark Blend Tobacco

Trifecta Pearfect Pear Dark Blend Tobacco
Did you know there are over 3000 different types of pears in the world? You may think that is quite enough but you would be wrong; now we can add one more to that list and it just may be the most important one of all. Trifecta has blown us away with their pearfect pear flavored shisha and like 95% of America’s pears that come from the west coast, this pearfect tobacco is crafted in Washington State. This flavor is spot on and replicates the juicy deliciousness that is a crisp and sweet green pear in every way. The natural and refreshing pear flavor couples nicely with the earthy tobacco notes that accompany the entire Dark Blend Line by Trifecta.

Trifecta is a brand where you know you are going to rip huge clouds and have intensely flavored sessions that keep their longevity long past your first round of coals. This kind of quality can only come from the meticulous care Trifecta gives each and every package. It is created through a multifaceted process known only to skilled tobacconists that focus on the traditional and primitive methods first used in the Middle East. Trifecta Dark Blend consists of raw tobacco leaf mixed with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane to produce a full bodied blend of hookah tobacco. It is first cut by hand into small strips and then mixed with dark molasses under pressurized heat. Finally, the flavors are added to the shisha mixture and left to acclimate.

Before tobacco was introduced in Europe, people smoked pear leaves so it seems only fitting that this flavor would produce such a great smoking session. This shisha is Pearfect for any occasion but don’t take our word for it, this flavor will be available at SouthSmoke.com later this week, so pick up a 250g tub and see for yourself.

Trifecta Dark Blend Lime

Trifecta Dark Blend Lime
The summer is here and in full swing bringing the heat with it. In my opinion, there is no better compliment to sizzling weather than a nice citrus beverage – or citrus bowl for all of us hookah lovers out there. Trifecta has given us the answer on how to beat the heat and satisfy your citrus craving with their Dark Blend Lime flavored tobacco. This shisha puts the “fresh” in refreshing with its incredibly potent and slightly sweet Lime flavor. On top of the mouthwatering lime notes you will experience with this blend, because it is a dark blend, you will also experience some toasty notes from the tobacco that help smooth out the all-encompassing citrus flavors that make up the main profile.

Trifecta always gives us long lasting and flavorful sessions and this flavor keeps true to their reputation. Being a very versatile shisha, pretty much any pack you try will work great. It couples nicely with an HMD or foil but the latter tends to be the preferred approach in regards to producing better results as far as flavor strength is concerned. It is less juicy than other lines offered by Trifecta and since it is a part of the Dark Blend line, this tobacco is from the top of the plant. It is packaged with a fine cut of its Virginia tobacco and remains unwashed to retain a higher nicotine content. It certainly packs a punch so it is recommended more for seasoned smokers but can be enjoyed by anyone so long as they stay hydrated.

This shisha is great by itself but is also a fantastic mixer for a variety of other flavors such as Mojito blends to help give the citrus notes that little something extra. This flavor will be available at SouthSmoke.com later this week in 250g plastic air tight containers.

Khalil Mamoon Shisha – Iced Cinnamon Gum

Khalil Mamoon Iced Cinnamon Gum
As a fellow hookah enthusiast, when you hear the name Khalil Mamoon I am sure you are like me and instantly think of high quality hookah. The same thing goes for their line of shisha products. When I open a can of Khalil Mamoon flavored tobacco, I expect nothing less than the best and so far I have not been disappointed. Khalil Mamoon tobacco is made from cultivated Virginia tobacco leaves. It retains a natural color with little to no dye used in its mixtures. It has a moderate nicotine level sitting at .05% and a sticky sweet honey base at its core.
One flavor in particular keeps finding a way into my rotation and that is the Iced Cinnamon Gum. What keeps me coming back is the perfect balance they created between the flavors. There is a distinct gum flavor on the back end of every puff that keeps it true to its name but the real champion in this concoction is the cinnamon. Cinnamon is a fickle ingredient in the way that it tends to gravitate more towards the spicy realm but Khalil Mamoon found a way to keep the notes more on the sweet side and the result was nothing short of delicious. Iced Cinnamon Gum is available in both 100g and 250g sizes at SouthSmoke.com.
The flavors shifted slightly as the time passed to be a little more on the sweeter side and less minty all around but that only reinforced the gum aspect they were aiming for. The clouds ripped like a hurricane throughout the entire session and left me seriously considering packing another bowl immediately for round two. I managed to refrain by reminding myself that there were plenty more flavors to try out – almost forty to be exact and all of them are available at SouthSmoke.com. Visit our website today and try some flavors for yourself.

Khalil Mamoon Shisha – Cactus Lime

Khalil Mamoon Shisha Cactus Lime

Khalil Mamoon Shisha Cactus Lime

Flavor Review Khalil Mamoon Cactus Lime

Khalil Mamoon has been turning heads since the late 1800’s with their beautifully crafted handmade hookahs. Now we get to enjoy those hookahs while we fill our bowl with their very own Khalil Mamoon custom shisha line as well. One flavor that has an especially delicious summer taste is the Cactus Lime. It is a far cry away from any dry desert landscape where we would traditionally find these ingredients, on the contrary, it is very juicy – or perhaps sticky is a better way to describe it due to the honey base this line of flavored tobacco uses.

The packaging is very sleek and visually stunning. It comes in a high quality tin and is double bagged to secure its freshness. The design itself is very elegant and portrays a sort of sophistication that is not apparent in most – if not all – other brands. But let’s get into what you will experience when you pick up this flavor. The smell upon opening is very strong and has distinct citrus notes that carry throughout. The nicotine level is at a pretty moderate count resting at just .05% and doesn’t typically generate a lot of buzz for seasoned smokers but could for someone just starting out. Cactus Lime is available in 100g, 250g and 1kg tins.

As far as clouds are concerned, the cloud output is top notch. If your bowl pack is on point then you will be puffing out clouds like the little engine that could in no time flat. Take the plunge and you will not be disappointed; the Khalil Mamoon Shisha flavor Cactus Lime is citrusy and fresh and it is now available at SouthSmoke.com along with almost forty other flavors. What are you waiting for? Visit our website and stock up on Cactus Lime or any of the other options available from the Khalil Mamoon Shisha line.

Tangiers Orange Soda Flavored Shisha

tangiers orange soda
Tangiers shisha has something for everyone as they produce multiple lines of flavored hookah tobacco that all have different characteristics. The Noir line for example is noted for its high nicotine content due to its unwashed nature. The Birquq line is a lighter leaf tobacco and the Lucid line is a washed version of the Noir. They also have the Burley line that has the strongest buzz and even an F-Line that is the only caffeinated hookah tobacco on the market. Talk about variety!

Orange Soda Flavored Shisha

The Orange Soda flavor in particular is a fan favorite and for good reason. It is arguably one of the best orange flavors on the market. It smells and tastes just as you would expect which is something similar to Crush soda but somehow managed to do so without tasting artificial in any way shape or form. It has a creamy undertone reminiscent of a Creamsicle type flavor but not nearly as sweet. It’s fairly juicy and extremely delicious as well as being a nice substitute for those of us who don’t drink soda very often.

About Tangier Tobacco

The Tangier tobacco itself is handmade at the Odyssey Lounge in Southern California using all natural ingredients and tobacco grown in the United States. It is a very dark colored shisha being predominantly black and can last for very long time if packed and managed properly. A lot of enthusiasts agree that this particular brand is best packed dense and it helps to give it a good mix up before packing it into your bowl. Tangiers may need a little more TLC than other brands on the market but it is well worth it considering the longevity of the sessions you get.

Just remember, it doesn’t need as much heat as other brands so take it back a notch when heating things up and make sure there is plenty of airflow to maximize your session and you will be in for a treat.

Khalil Mamoon Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs and Flavored Tobacco
Since its inception in 1873, Khalil Mamoon has been a staple brand in the world of hookah. They have made a name for themselves by providing handmade hookahs made right in the heart of Egypt that look like beautiful works of art and smoke like a dream to hookah lovers all over the world. Over the years, hookah enthusiasts have revered these shisha pipes because the quality and craftsmanship is in a league of its own but dominating the world of hookahs just wasn’t enough for this exquisite brand and so they went on to develop their own line of shisha.

As to be expected from such a brand as Khalil Mamoon, their flavored tobacco is packaged in a classy tin with earthy colors and adorned with golden accents. The tobacco itself is double bagged inside the tin which is great because it is super sticky from the honey. There is no dye used so the color is still the shade of natural Virginia leaf tobacco and it consists of leaves that vary in size from large to small. You may have to pluck out some stems and cut a few leaves but there isn’t really an overabundance of these types of imperfections.

Now, what can you expect from your sessions with this shisha? The potency of the scent differs from flavor to flavor depending on which one you choose as some are meant to be very subtle. One thing is always consistent though and that is cloud output. With the proper heat management this brand of shisha produces thick and massive clouds and keeps its flavor going strong throughout the session. It doesn’t provide a huge buzz but it makes up for it with unique flavors made from exotic ingredients procured from all over the world. Now, whatever your hookah needs turn out to be, Khalil Mamoon has got you covered!