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Al-Fakher Kiwi Shisha

al-fakher shisha kiwi flavor

Al-Fakher Premium Hookah Shisha

Al-Fakher has been a very important player in the hookah world since 1999, supplying the community with a variety of delicious flavors that not only smoke great but are also very affordable. They are arguably the most recognized flavored tobacco brand worldwide. Even if you haven’t smoked any for some reason, it is pretty much impossible not to know who they are. They have a few different lines to choose from, all of which offer a little something different to accommodate different preferences. Their original line has the most flavors to choose from, and the most competitive prices, keeping it the most popular out of all the available choices.

Al-Fakher Kiwi Flavored Tobacco

A very noteworthy – and yet severely underrated – flavor by this esteemed brand is their Kiwi. It smells sweet and fruity and taste on point with the initial scent. It has the natural sweetness you would expect from the fruit itself and a hint of the sourness on the exhale. Just like many Al-Fakher single note flavors, it is a great mixer – especially with fruit and melon based flavors – but this bad boy has no problem holding its own in a solo session. If you are a fan of fruity flavors or just kiwi in general, you won’t be disappointed when trying this one.

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You can spot original Al-Fakher by its signature red hue and medium cut. It is usually fairly juicy but not overwhelmingly so. It preforms the best at a normal density pack; a lot of people use phunnel bowls as they have become the industry standard but OG smokers still pack it in an old school Egyptian clay bowl and I have to admit that this is still my preference as well. Whichever bowl you choose, sprinkle it in like a fluff pack just over the rim and lightly pat it down until it becomes level to achieve a normal density pack. Depending on the size of the bowl, I usually use 2-3 pieces of hookah charcoal unless I decide to use a provost, in which case 2 coals is usually plenty. Visit SouthSmoke.com to try this flavor out for yourself; it’s available in 50g, 250g, and 1kg tubs.

Trifecta Dark Indian Kheer

Trifecta dark blend tobacco indian kheer

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha

Trifecta Dark Blend hit the market around 2016 giving hookah smokers a darker, finer cut option in contrast to their already wildly popular blonde line. With their blonde line, they established themselves as a tobacco company that consistently delivers incredibly accurate flavor profiles and the case is no different when dealing with their dark line. It is moderately juicy and consists of unwashed tobacco from the tips of the leaves giving it a higher nicotine content and more robust tobacco notes. It is not overly picky with heat, making it one of the more enjoyable dark leaves to smoke and comes packaged in a resealable tub that keeps your shisha fresh without the need of a separate air-tight container.

Dark Raspberry and Dark Lime

In the last year, Trifecta has release two new flavors that rocketed to the top of many people’s list of favorites. Those flavors are Dark Raspberry and Dark Lime. As if teasing our senses with these delectable little treats wasn’t enough, their newest release is a truly unique flavor profile that has piqued the interest of enthusiasts everywhere; that flavor is Indian Kheer. Modeled after the Indian dessert that typically consists of rice pudding flavored with various spices, nuts, raisins, and sweet rose, this shisha blend has so many levels it is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any pallet.

Trifecta’s Indian Kheer Flavored Tobacco

This blend is best packed semi-dense in a phunnel bowl just slightly under the rim. The smell translates to the taste beautifully. It has a strong and sweet custard base with various paan-like spices including cinnamon and cardamom. The floral notes are present but ever so feint; enhancing the present flavors without overpowering any of them enough to actually be considered a floral blend. The smooth and creamy base is accentuated by the sweet fruity notes that are present and the final result is a hookah session with a roller-coaster of flavors. Curious to try it for yourself? Pick up a 250g tub from SouthSmoke.com and enjoy the ride!

Al-Fakher Vanilla Shisha

al-fakher vanilla shisha

Al Fakher Premium Flavored Tobacco

Al-Fakher is one of those flavored tobacco brands that everyone knows and respects in regards to hookah. They have great single note flavors that can stand alone or have limitless mixing capabilities with each other or other brands. It is not only versatile but also has a huge variety to choose from with over fifty variations at your disposal. The best part about it is that you can guarantee a high quality smoke at a very competitive and reasonable price; making experimenting with different mixes or trying different flavors not only easy to do but also easy on your wallet too.

Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha

Speaking of mixers, today I want to talk about my favorite Al-Fakher flavor to mix with: Vanilla. There are so many vanilla flavors to choose from and they are available from all different brands but Al-Fakher Vanilla is still the top of my list for many reasons. Like I stated before, the sheer versatility is a big plus but it also has a flavor profile that is geared more towards vanilla frosting rather than the deep and creamy French Vanilla flavor that you come across with most brands. It is enjoyable to smoke alone but it is on the sweet side so not a solo taste for everyone, and for that reason, it is not something I find myself smoking by itself very often.

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That being said, the pure sweetness is exactly what makes it compliment other flavors so well. Flavors with vanilla undertones usually focus on the main flavor profile with vanilla being more of an afterthought. Sometimes, I am perfectly okay with that; other times, I want a more balanced blend. Al-Fakher Vanilla enhances the sweet notes without compromising the original flavor profile by being too robust. If you are curious to try it for yourself, the 50g boxes on SouthSmoke.com are perfect for sampling where the 250g tubs are great for experimenting. There is also the big boy kilo as well if you are anything like me; I treat it like Granny treats Frank’s RedHot – I put that shisha on everything!

Trifecta Blonde: P3 Flavor Review

Trifecta Blonde Leaf Hookah Tobacco - P3

What time is it? – Trifecta Time!

We have had the spotlight on Trifecta Blonde Hookah Tobacco a lot recently and that is because there are just so many good flavors in this brand that it more than deserves the attention. Among their longtime fan favorites are Twice the Ice, Pineapple Guava, and TNT just to name a few but today we aren’t talking about old favorites; today is all about the newest release for their Blonde line: P3.

The label is adorned with a rainbow and that seems rather vague until you actually try it and then you realize that it’s about the only way to accurately describe this particular blend in a picture. Whether it makes you think of sweet candies or fruity cereals, either one is a justifiably accurate way to interpret the flavor.

Trifecta Blonde Leaf Hookah Shisha


When you look at the packaging, if you have ever smoked anything from Trifecta’s Blonde line before, you will notice a drastic change – No more metal tins! You can now expect the new lines to come in a clear plastic container with a screw on top just like their Dark Line. This new packaging is super convenient and keeps your tobacco nice and fresh without the need of alternative storing. Moving on from that, the cut is a very juicy and slightly choppy leaf that is blonde and undyed and natural in color.

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Trifecta Blonde Shisha takes heat very well so there is a lot to be said about ease of use. Some people pack it fluffy but I find consistently better results packing it just slightly denser than normal in a phunnel bowl. The flavor you get is hard to pin down, it is best described as an assortment of candied flavors that blend together rather than stand apart. The only one that becomes more apparent than the others is the tart citrus lemon that shines through more on the exhale and when the bowl is nice and heated around the time you add your second coals. If you like sweet and fruity, then this is one you don’t want to pass up. It is available in 250g containers right now at SouthSmoke.com.

Tangiers White Grape

Tangiers Shisha Noir Line White Grape

Tangiers Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers is well known among hookah enthusiasts and not just for their Cane Mint – the end all be all of mint in the industry. They are known for making amazing flavors that are powerful and unique. Their unwashed dark leaf tobacco is manufactured in San Diego and finely cut, making it perfect for the denser pack it requires for optimal performance. You can expect a juicy but balanced blend that produces a long and satisfying session. Take it easy on the heat though as Tangiers can be a little fickle in that department. Tangiers has a variety of lines to choose from so that you can pick your preferred strength, their original line and the one we are reviewing is called Noir and can be identified by the yellow packaging.

Tangiers Noir White Grape


Tangiers Noir White Grape is one of the absolute best grapes on the market in my opinion. That being said, it isn’t a sweet Concord grape but rather a subtle and natural Niagara grape; very much like Welch’s White Grape Juice. As soon as you open it up, you can instantly smell the sweet and slightly tart aspects of the blend. It is natural and not candied with slight bitter notes and earthy undertones that really highlight this flavors accuracy when compared to the actual fruit. The scent is strong and mouthwatering and translates perfectly to the taste in a slightly more subtle form. Unlike other flavors from Tangiers, the tobacco notes are not as present and therefore do not overpower the flavor profile.

Tangiers is known for its buzz, even for Veteran smokers, so keep that in mind when you are trying it out. This particular flavor is slightly less impactful in the buzz department but still much stronger than most brands on the market. I find that pairing it with a glass of white wine really brings out certain notes from the blend and makes this already wonderful flavor even more delicious. This is just one more flavor from Tangiers that makes it to the “must try” list of flavored hookah tobaccos.

Trifecta Blonde – Melon Mélange Flavor Review

Trifecta Blonde Hookah Tobacco - Melon Melange

Melon Melange Trifecta Flavored Hookah Tobacco Review

Trifecta Blonde’s Melon Mélange flavored hookah tobacco is just what its name suggests – a melon melody. It’s a beautiful union of sweet honeydew melon, mellow cantaloupe, and juicy watermelon that leaves your taste buds singing after every exhale. Upon smelling this melon mix hookah flavor, you get the sensation of a beautifully choreographed dance between each melon. Each flavor profile gives way and fades into the next seamlessly; adding and enhancing the others without ever overstepping its bounds.

It’s beautiful really, how perfectly balanced they are with each other, and the result is absolutely mouthwatering.

Trifecta Tobacco is a trio of clouds, buzz, and flavor. Pack it in a phunnel hookah bowl at a fluff to normal density, then sit back to enjoy. The hookah tobacco is undyed and natural in blonde color since no additives are used and it is a medium choppy cut with a few stems here and there that you may need to deal with.

In addition to the innovative shisha flavors, one of the very best things about Trifecta Blonde is how easy it is to heat manage.  It is not picky at all in this department and proves to be a brand that is easy to get great results with even if you are just starting out with a hookah hobby.

There’s no doubt about it, Trifecta hookah tobacco is here to stay. With so many successful blends out already, it is safe to assume we will see even more great things from them in the future.

If you haven’t tried this brand out yet, it is about time that you did. Visit our online hookah shop today to scoop up any of their fantastic flavors in a 250g jar.

If you prefer dark tobacco blends to blonde leaf, Trifecta has you covered on that as well. A lot of their flavors from the blonde line have counterparts on the Trifecta Dark Blend line of flavored hookah shisha that have very similar flavor profiles but with more of a robust tobacco flavor and higher nicotine content.

Blue Strawberry – Trifecta Blonde Flavor Review

Blue Strawberry Trifecta Shisha Flavor

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco Flavor Review

Trifecta Blonde Leaf Hookah Shisha Tobacco keeps coming at us with those unforgettable fruity hookah tobacco blends that keep us asking for more. Now they have gone and sweetened the deal with Blue Strawberry and believe me when I say that this flavor is just what your sweet tooth is craving.

The scent of the Blue Strawberry from Trifecta is flavorful and very sweet; reminiscent of candied blueberries and strawberries. Once packed, the taste is spot on with what you smell. You definitely can pick out the blueberries and strawberries in the flavor but they lean more towards the dessert variation of these flavors rather than the naturalistic approach. In all honesty, the closet thing I can compare it to is probably a blue raspberry slushy.

As usual with Trifecta Blonde Hookah Shisha Tobacco, you can expect a medium choppy cut of undyed blonde hookah tobacco. You may find a few stems here and there but nothing too overwhelming and it is nice and juicy for those of us who like those thunder smoke clouds.

Pack it to a normal or fluffy density for great flavor and strong cloud output and a phunnel bowl usually works the best for longevity. This hookah tobacco is pretty laid back in the heat management department so you won’t find yourself spending a lot of time worrying about your coals. Instead, just sit back and enjoy all that sweet goodness.

Trifecta tobacco focuses on unique flavor profiles that stand out from the crowd and rarely do they miss their mark. Whether you prefer fruity, citrus, or so minty it will freeze your soul, if you are in the market for awesome clouds and great flavor, Trifecta is the tobacco for you.

Blue Strawberry along with all of their other flavors are available at SouthSmoke.com in 250g containers along with their Trifecta Dark blend line if you crave a more robust smoking experience with a little more kick in the buzz department.

Trifecta Pineapple Guava – Premium Hookah Shisha

Trifecta Pineapple Guava Hookah Tobacco Shisha

Trifecta Premium Blonde Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta hookah shisha just keeps getting better and the Pineapple Guava flavored hookah shisha from their Blonde tobacco line is one of the top reasons to have this hookah brand in your flavor arsenal at all times. Established in 2015, Trifecta is manufactured right here in the USA and strives to achieve the perfect trio of buzz, flavor, and clouds – I can save you some guess work here – they do just that! With beautiful medium cut tobacco leaves balanced against the perfect ratio of juice, you get massive clouds and monster flavor! The buzz is there but won’t knock you off your feet so this brand can be enjoyed by a novice just as much as a veteran.

Trifecta Flavored Hookah Shisha | Pineapple Guava

The smell is so mouthwatering you will be seconds away from actually tasting it before you come to your senses and remind yourself its Shisha, not food. The scent is potent and robust and the flavor profile is one in the same. You get a sweet and juicy pineapple on the inhale and that tropical guava on the exhale. These two flavors dance back and forth across your palette for the entirety of your session; competing without conflicting with one another. If you are like me, you found yourself dancing across the room in step with your taste buds until you realized you were too far away from your hookah and danced right back… or you are a more sensible person that just stayed put; to each their own.

Hookah Accessories for Trifecta Flavored Tobacco

Before I run away with myself again, let’s talk packing methods. Trifecta blonde hookah tobacco is fairly versatile and I have heard of various packing preferences where personally I stick to a fluff pack in a phunnel bowl. It works great with either foil or HMD equally and isn’t very picky with heat so feel free to run it a little hot if that is your preference. This flavor is a tropical explosion you don’t want to miss out on so visit SouthSmoke.com and scoop it up in the 250g tub.

Trifecta Blonde TNT

Trifecta TNT Flavored Tobacco Blonde Line

Trifecta TNT

Feel that cold breeze? That’s the winter coming to steal all the warm weather fun so we decided to send off Summer with a bang. If you are looking for some Good Times with your hookah then look no further because Trifecta’s TNT from their blonde line is “Dyn-o-mite!” All Jimmie Walker catch phrases aside, this tobacco is very potent and full of flavor. Spot on flavors and strong profiles is what we love and have come to expect from Trifecta as a brand and TNT does not disappoint.

Trifecta Blonde Line

Trifecta Blonde is a medium choppy leaf that is natural in color since it is completely undyed, though still a little darker than most of the blonde lines out there. With a sweet and sticky honey base, Trifecta Blonde TNT delivers a strong melody of citrus grapefruit and sweet mango with an extra kick of mint. Trifecta has the perfect ratio of leaves to juice and gives massive cloud output without sacrificing volume; giving you the more bang for your buck. The mango and grapefruit are both deliciously sweet and compete for the spotlight with that cooling mint helping to tie both profiles together.

Trifecta blonde can take heat like a champ so you won’t find yourself having to give an excessive amount of time regulating your heat management. It works well when being packed to a normal or fluff density but we find that a fluff pack in a phunnel bowl works best for flavor and cloud output. This flavor is one of the few – if not the only one – to nail down a mango flavor properly. Stand alone, it’s amazing, but also leaves room for countless mixing options. Want to try it for yourself? Head over to SouthSmoke.com and scoop it up in a 250g container. You won’t be disappointed.

Trifecta Blonde Shisha, Now in Stock!

Trifecta Blonde Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Tobacco hit the hookah market and made its impression almost immediately; it’s an impression that is most likely here to stay and for good reason. Trifecta is praised by enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of the flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the Trifecta hookah shisha blends that they provide that can’t be found anywhere else. Of course, the proprietor of the brand is an enthusiast himself so he knows what the community wants and is more than happy to provide it.

Trifecta Blonde Shisha Flavors – in Stock Now!

Trifecta Blonde is a – well, a blonde leaf tobacco of course and is undyed with a natural brown coloring. It works best in a phunnel bowl with a normal density pack and handles heat fairly well. It is currently packaged in tin cans with a sealed interior bag that is not resealable but we are seeing them make the transition from those to their screw on plastic containers that they use for their dark line. We all know and despise those rust prone metal tins so this is a long awaited upgrade and it effectively eliminates one of the only complaints about the brand as a whole.

Trifecta Blonde is now available in the 250g size and we already have a long list of favorites. Pineapple Guava is a bold and in your face tropical blend with the sweet pineapple balancing out the earthy guava. Moro Zest is a bitter but delicious citrus that derives its flavor profile from the rind of a blood orange – see what we mean about innovation; how did they even come up with that idea? TNT is a wonderful blend of tart grapefruit with a minty mango mixed into it. Melon Mélange is a yummy ménage trois of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. And last but never least is Twice the Ice; this bad boy blend is so cold you will think you just got punched in the face by an ice cube but you liked the abuse so you keep coming back to it, again and again. Hey, no judgements here, it keeps us coming back for more as well. Don’t just take my word for it, stop by SouthSmoke.com today and pick out your own favorites.